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Uno Desktop Power Module 2 Plugs and USB


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Uno Desktop Power Module featuring 2 UK power sockets with individual illuminated Powersave switches and dual fast charge USB ports A+C encased into a sleek polished white or a polished black with matt black trim case. The power product then plugs into a power source below the workstation via a drop lead to male GST. 

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Uno Desktop Power Module 2 Plugs and USB

Uno Desktop Power Module comprised of 2 UK Plug sockets and dual fast charge USB A+C ports only. The Uno module is encased in an injection moulded bright white trim cover or a polished black with matt black trim cover. The Uno desktop power module offers a stylish alternative to the more traditional on desk power products which are still produced using old extrusion production methods.

The Uno power module is a sleek and aesthetically pleasing office desktop power source to assist users in the charging of mobile devices. The Uno power module range was developed in response to the growing demand for an attractive desktop power product with design features to suit the style of today's contemporary workspace. In addition to specific aesthetic requirements, the challenge was to find a power and data module solution that addresses the costly issue of fuses blowing due to improper use.

The Uno module features individual thermal reset switches which simply turn off as Uno cleverly detects misuse, eliminating the need to replace blown fuses.

The UK power sockets on the module have illuminated Powersave switches. It comes standard with an 800mm drop power cable to male GST and plugs into an under-desk power module. If longer leads are required, connector leads are available to purchase separately in different lengths.

It is supplied with a desk clamp to fit desktops of up to 30mm thick.

Uno with two-plug sockets and twin USB A+C charging ports

Uno Power Modules are available in the following configurations:

Uno module with only two-plug sockets

Uno with two power sockets and one CAT6 Data port

Uno with two-plug sockets and two CAT6 Data ports

Uno with two plug sockets, one CAT6 Data port and twin fast-charging USB A+C ports.

and Uno with two power, two CAT6 Data port and twin fast charge USB A+C ports.

Electrical Power Supply Features Include:

Input: 230-125V

USB charger output: 3.1A

Max current: 13A

Individual thermal reset: 3.15A

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Dimensions & Details

Product Details
Sockets 2 UK sockets.
USB Dual fast charge USB ports. USB charger 3.1A.
Powersave Switches Individual illuminated Powersave switches.
Connecting Cable 500mm drop lead to male GST is required.
Body Finish Available in Polished White with Chrome Trim or Polished Black with Matt Black Trim.
Fitting Desk clamp to fit up to 30mm worktop.
Reset Individual thermal rest switches - 3.15A
Assembly Required No

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