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Wall Box Meeting Pod


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The Wall Box Meeting Pod is a privacy room-in-room family of acoustic pods for the modern office. Featuring diamond patterned side panels acoustically lined and upholstered they provide fully enclosed free space solutions to open plan office environments.    

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Wall Box Meeting Pod

Vank Wall Box Meeting Pod is a family of modular acoustic office pod solutions. Wall Box units are available in various sizes of single-user booths, 2/3, 4, and 6-person room-in-room units. All the Wall Box pods provide highly functional free space pod solutions for various tasks. Starting from a single user phone booth as a quiet personal space for personal phone calls to larger meeting pods for small teams to hold video conference calls.

The Vank Wall Box acoustic pods all feature unique structural solutions and the application of sound-absorbing materials. Even the entry-level Wall Box pod comes equipped with a LED lighting system, ventilation system and a specifiable power and data ports.

Wall Box pods are upholstered in a sound-absorbing fabric, ranging from an entry-level Era or Felicity fabric to a band two X2 or Patina fabric. Alternatively, as an upgrade, you can choose to have a band 3 wool-based material which includes Blazer and Synergy. Additional soundproofing is provided using high-quality glass. The Wall Box pods come in various structure combinations: with one or two glass walls which allow the light to shine through, with the body upholstered on one side or two sides.

Vank Wall Box pods are made using a combination of special layered panels and high-performance acoustic glass, all of which provide the users with a comfortable quiet space isolated from ambient noise associated with open office environments. The sound-absorbing lined panels upholstered in specially selected contract fabric s help absorb external noise, delivering an ideal retreat for confidential conversations while also improving acoustic in the office. The upholstered side walls are available in one- or two-sided diamond-patterned variants, with a glass front. An option with a back wall featuring tempered double-glazed safety glass is also available. You can customize your product with these additional features: LED lighting, a quiet and efficient ventilation system, a connection panel.

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Wall Box Meeting Pods come with an adjustable control panel allowing users to control the lighting and ventilation for the pod. Switch between low lighting and turn it up for bright light. The same can be done with the silent ventilation system, where the air-flow can be increased or decreased to achieve a comfortable working environment.
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Wall Box Meeting Pods feature everything a user needs to work in privacy and in comfort. The pods offer excellent soundproofing performance through the use of acoustic materials. Developed to ensure users are never out of range, the pods effortlessly merge the physical world with the digital world.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2380
Width (mm) 1310/1390/1610/1690/2110/2190
Depth (mm) 910/940/1740/2510/2540/
Internal Dimensions in mm. H2200
Product Details
Floor Carpeted acoustic floor.
Door Hinged glass door.
Fabric Panels Choose between diamond patterned upholstery panels on both sides or one side.
Glass Panels High quality safety glass panels are used.
Lighting LED Lighting system with a switch.
Integrated Power Power sockets
Levelling Feet Adjustable feet.
Relocatable Can easily be relocated if required.

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