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Triline Acoustic Wall Panels


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Triline Acoustic Wall Panels provide rooms with a better soundscape through the method of diffuson and absorbtion of sound waves for a better soundscape. Designed to be used in groups, the create stunning wave-like wall features that effectively disperce sound.

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Triline Acoustic Wall Panels

Triline Acoustic Wall Panel is a large upholstered rectangular panel with a raised prism inspired aesthetic. Designed to be used in unison they provide rooms of all sizes a decorative wall feature and better soundscape by diffusing and absorbing sounds. Triline panels can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, giving you the freedom to construct both symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations. Their raised prism design creates visually stimulating wave-like effects, their prism shape interacting with the available lighting.

Triline wall panels feature a 95mm arched depth at its highest point when mounted, this depth, combined with the undulating effect of a group of panels in unison deliver both absorption and diffusion for a practical acoustic solution creating a harmonious environment. Used as an acoustic wall installation, the combination of numerous Triline panels and their waved effect will weaken sound waves by dispersing them in various directions.

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