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Soundwave Jasmine Acoustic Wall Panel

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Enhance speech intelligibility effortlessly with Jasmine Acoustic Wall Panels, specially designed to complement acoustic ceilings. Together, they form a dynamic duo that effectively addresses absorption needs in the vital frequency range of 60-400 Hz. Not only do these panels elevate sound quality, but they also infuse your space with a delightful aesthetic charm, transforming it into an extraordinary haven.

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Soundwave Jasmine Acoustic Wall Panel

Introducing the Soundwave Jasmine Acoustic Wall Panel: a delightful blend of nature-inspired design and functional excellence. Created by the talented designer Layla Mehdi Pour, this triangular panel offers a versatile and playful solution for commercial interiors, especially in spaces like offices and restaurants.

Layla Mehdi Pour drew inspiration from the intricate beauty of natural elements, where order and irregularity harmoniously coexist. Just like flowers, Jasmine Acoustic Wall Panel showcases a captivating balance between precise structure and captivating details. This unique approach infuses your space with a touch of nature's wonders, creating an ambiance that feels both inviting and soothing.

In today's bustling world, the need for pleasant and sustainable sound environments in public spaces has never been more crucial. That's why Jasmine finds its purpose by connecting us to the living, natural environment, providing a remedy to the ever-growing noise and restoring tranquility to your office, restaurant, or any gathering place.

Designed to complement acoustic ceilings, Jasmine Acoustic Wall Panels work wonders in enhancing speech intelligibility within rooms. By combining them with an acoustic ceiling, you create a powerful duo that addresses the absorption needs in the frequency range of 60-400 Hz—where it matters most. These panels not only amplify sound quality but also bring a touch of aesthetic charm to your space, truly making it a remarkable place to be.

Experience the harmony of nature and functionality with the Soundwave Jasmine Acoustic Wall Panel. Let it transform your commercial interiors into captivating and acoustically optimized spaces, where both form and function dance together effortlessly.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 508
Width (mm) 585
Depth (mm) 73
Product Details
Assembly Required No

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