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Protective Screens

Protective Screens

Protective Screens

Is your workforce fully protected when they return to work?

Get workplace ready now with furnify. Office desk screens and desk dividers have for a long time been part of the office landscape, providing both privacy, defining space or helping reduce ambient noise. However, special circumstances call for special measures with protective screens which are now a crucial part in helping negate the spread of COVID-19.

Contact us today on 020 7632 7573 and let us help you put protective measures in place for when your worker return to work. Our affordable and quality range of protective fabric and clear acrylic screens help your workforce focus on more important matters.

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  1. Protective Desk Dividers
    Protective Desk Dividers and Panels made to size for office desks and counters in a range of sizes.
  2. Shield Desk Screens
    Shield Desk Screen made to size with frames or without. Add protective desk dividers to bench desking.
  3. Curved Front Screen
    Curved Front Screen is a desk mounted up and over that shields office workers from potentially harmful virus transmission.
  4. MFC Containment Screen
    MFC Containment Screen is a freestanding three-sided screen available in various sizes.
  5. Fabric Containment Screen
    The Define My Space Fabric Containment Screen is a 3 sided protective desk screen.
  6. Acrylic Containment Screen
    The About Me - Acrylic Containment Screen if a desk freestanding protective shield that is easy to clean.
  7. Fabric Gantry Screens
    The About Me "My Place" Fabric Gantry Screen uses Anti-bacterial fabric for a softer homely feel.
  8. Solo Protective Desk Dividers
    Solo Protective Desk Divders offer acrylic screen solutions and screen toppers for added shielding.
  9. Shield Fix Protective Screens
    Shield Fix Screens offering freestanding, fixed or suspended acrylic protection in the office.
  10. Pillow Desk Divider
    Pillow Desk is an upholstered flexible and portable desk divider solution with acoustic properties.
  11. Protective Desk Divider Toppers
    Protective Desk Divider Toppers help raise the height of existing desk screens and shield your workers.
  12. Corner Office Screen
    The Corner Office Screen is a lightweight and easy to install freestanding desk screen.
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