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Silent Room S Phone Booth


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Silent Room S

The Silent Room S Phone Booth is the smallest privacy room solution in the Silent Room Pod range. It offers a comfortable oasis of silence from noisy environments for making important calls.

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Silent Room S Phone Booth

Silent Room S Phone Booth is a private space in the middle of the office for single users. The open-plan office gives us more space, more light and a sense of freedom. However, it can increase noise levels making it harder to concentrate. Every day, office workers face growing challenges in finding a quiet space to make conference calls, take personal phone calls or focus on individual work. The Silent Room solution offers a room within a room to escape noisy distractions while boosting productivity.

The Silent Room S office phone booth manages the sound through its multilayered wall structure, hermetic door and insulated ceiling. Making use of high-quality acoustic materials, the side and rear panels offer excellent sound absorption properties which eliminate echo. While the booth's exterior upholstered panels help create an acoustically-optimised working environment by blocking out noise.

Enter and exit Silent Room with ease: the integrated carpeted floor gives the booth a low doorstep but ensures that no caution is needed while stepping inside. Measuring 1,074mm in width, 938mm in depth and 2150mm in height, users are provided with a high level of comfort and freedom. Equipped with both a power socket and USB A + C ports, you will be able to continue meaningful conversations and work when your mobile devices run out of power. Silent Room can also be easily adapted to a variety of activities if required - please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Featuring an unnoticeable microclimate, it helps you work undisturbed. Thanks to integrated lighting and ventilation, Silent Room S offers a productivity-boosting environment. With four high-capacity ventilators, a pleasant air flow rate (200 m³/h) is ensured at a low operating noise - just as quiet as leaves rustling.

Three LED lamps deliver a warm homely atmosphere. Fitted with a smart control unit, it selects and optimal ventilation and illumination level, this can also be manually adjusted if required by the user. Once the user exits the Silent Room Phone Booth, full ventilation is automatically activated to refresh the room and prepare it for the next user. The acoustic cabin also helps with energy savings as it automatically dims the lights when no one is present in the room and even switches them off after 60 minutes.

This needs fixing before go live
The active ventilation system is comprised of two fans at the bottom which bring cool air in and extractor fans at the top to vent the warm air out.
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The interior lighting consists of a set of 3 warm LED lights, two directed sideways and one directed towards the working surface for a warm and ergonomic indoor atmosphere. The intensity of the lighting and ventilation can be easily adjusted by turning two minimalist switches.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2268
Width (mm) 1170
Depth (mm) 1205
Product Details
Guarantee Five year guarantee.
Door 8 mm TSG (tempered safety glass), clear with metal door frame made of 40x40 mm tube and 40x8 mm steel rod powder coated.
Ceiling The ceiling panel is made of 16 mm MFC with 1 mm ABS edging. PIR sensor mounted into ceiling panel. Air extraction box made of 16 mm MFC with 0,5 mm ABS edging and metal tube 40x20. Vent covers made of metal sheet (1,5 mm). Powder-coated metal. Air extraction box inside top glued with acoustic foam (PV5010).
Upholstery Options Fabric ranges include: Berta, Step/Step Melange, Synergy, Velito Ppresto.
Control Box Input (GST18i3 male): 100-240 V. Frequency: 50/60 Hz. Power cable: EU, UK, FR, CH, US – GST18i3 female, 3 meters. Power consumption – 55W, standby 2,5W. Output 1 (GST18i3 female): 100-240 (~5,6 A max) 50/60 Hz. Output 2 (LED): ~36V DC (0,75A max). Output 3 (air injection fans): 6-12V DC (~0,4A max). Output 4 (air extraction fans): 6-12V DC (~0,4A max).

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