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Sahara Wall Panel


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Sahara Wall Panels are wall-mounted acoustic panels made from a waste product of cork. Featuring a beautiful organic design, the panels create stimulating visual wall features while helping with sound management.

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Sahara Wall Panel

The Sahara Wall Panel made from natural cork allows you to introduce a zone of silence into an environment. It is made using Gabriel Tans, a material that speaks or instead whispers like the slow shifting sand formations of a dessert. It provides excellent acoustic properties by helping absorb ambient noise.

Both spontaneous and straightforward as sand formations carved by the wind, the Sahara wall panels shape allows for the creation of various wall features. Create both asymmetrical to the symmetrical, from geometrically strict configurations to dynamic, random formations reminiscent of dunes.

Using the waste material from the production of wine corks, Sahara wall panels offer a sustainable acoustic solution for interiors. The Cork a natural product of nature, helps preserve Portugal’s cork oak groves and forests. This in turn help keep an essential habitat for the Iberian imperial eagle and other wildlife. Without cork production, the country’s cork forests would risk being replaced by farmland.

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