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Railway Carriage Classic Pod


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The Railway Carriage Classic Pod is a customizable free space meeting pod solution for between 2 to 6 users, offering zones to collaborate and socialise. It's an informal meeting pod, a focused workspace and an impromptu place to have a chat with colleagues. Available with either a flat roof or pitched roof.

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Railway Carriage Classic Pod

The Railway Carriage Classic Pod. To some, it’s just soft seating and a convenient pun about moving your business forward. To others, it is an extremely useful meeting pod that prevents four people from hogging the entire 16-seater boardroom for an informal quick chat.

But YOU! You understand the Railway Carriage Meeting Pod is far more than that. You understand it's a fully modular high back sofa unit, available in a wide range of combinations of diverse styles and a vast range of finishes and accessories. You understand that it reinvents and modernises your workplace.
It represents a free-thinking space to collaborate and socialise. It is where culture in the workplace begins, and where the staff find sanctuary for their most innovative team moments. Invitingly bringing users together, the railway carriage acts both as an ideas hub for collaboration and as a relaxed, focused zone for concentrated work.
It merges the physical world with the digital world. It’s social, comfortable and... tech-enabled. The Railway Carriage Classic Pod includes optional features such as power modules, a booking system, Bluetooth speakers and a smart screen. Along with its customizable components, you can pick it up and put it down anywhere in your adaptable office landscape.
Yes, it’ is not JUST the most welcome collaborative furniture solution ever invented for the modern workspace. It is a revolution in your office culture.
Railway Carriage is a fully customizable modular high back sofa unit that can be either placed against the wall or freestanding in the middle of the office. The semi-enclosed sofa den comes in a choice of 3 sizes, a two-seater, four-seater and six-seater units with either a flat or pitched roof. Choose from a wide range of internal contract fabrics for the internal upholstery. Factory-made, they are supplied flat-packed and assembled on-site, and if required can be easily relocated.

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Dimensions & Details

Product Details
Guarantee 5 Year warranty.
Roof Style Flat roof (square), Flat roof (square backless), Flat roof (arch), Flat roof (arch) backless.
Size Options 2 seater, 4 seater and 6 seater units are available.
Back Options Choose between an upholstered back wall or graphics.
Clad Material Choose between lacquered ply, MFC/Laminate or graphics.
Clad Options Clad thickness can be 36mm, 54mm ply only, 36/54mm with top plinth or infill kit.
Upholstery Options Soft seating upholstery options offer a choice of slab sides, slab sides with button, ribbed side or ribbed with button detail.
Accessories Basic power socket, standard power module, Advance power modules, high resolution monitor, Bluetooth speakers, Pendant light, spot lights, wall lights, table leg colour options.

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