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Quaranta5 Height Adjustable Bench Desk

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The Quaranta5 Height-Adjustable Bench Desk is a stylish panel end desking range that looks great in corporate environments. Elevate and future proof your workplacae with the Quaranta5 Height-Adjustable Bench Desk.

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Quaranta5 Height Adjustable Bench Desk

Quaranta5 Height-Adjustable Bench Desks: Elevate Your Workspace Discover the versatility and innovation of Quaranta5 height-adjustable bench desks, available in single and double configurations, each featuring a spacious 90-cm-deep tabletop. These sit-stand desks offer the ultimate ergonomic comfort, seamlessly blending form and function with their sleek and modern design.

Elevate Your Productivity with Electric Precision Experience the effortless adjustability of Quaranta5 sit-stand bench desks, made possible by an intuitive electric control panel. Effortlessly raise or lower the desk to your preferred height, thanks to the dual pairs of internal and external sides. In double desk setups, enjoy the flexibility of independently adjusting both desktops. With a height range from 70 to 120 cm, you can easily find the perfect setting for your work needs. Quaranta5's clean and contemporary aesthetics, featuring a distinctive 45° cut on the tabletop, remain unaltered, all while the cutting-edge electric mechanism remains discreetly hidden from view.

Dynamic Ergonomics for a Healthier Work-Life Balance The modern workplace thrives on the well-being of its occupants. Quaranta5 height-adjustable desks promote a healthier, more dynamic working environment by allowing you to transition between sitting and standing throughout the day. This not only enhances individual well-being but also fosters increased physical and mental activity among employees, contributing to a more vibrant and productive workspace.

Modular Freedom for Optimal Space Utilization Quaranta5 embodies the core principles of modularity and open systems, allowing you to tailor your workspace to your unique needs. Its clean, essential lines and adaptable design empower you to create a workspace that perfectly aligns with your organizational and functional requirements. Experience the future of office furniture with Quaranta5 height-adjustable desks. Elevate your workspace, enhance your well-being, and unlock the potential of a dynamic, modular office environment.

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