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Para Vert Planter

Planter Partition


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Para Vert

The Para Vert Planter is free-standing structure that links together to form floral room divder sturctures.

Para Vert Planter Key Features

  • Floral partition with an elegant, slender design for room and office vegetation
  • Elegant connection of delicate, curved metal poles and planters
  • Expandable, modular design with dynamic structures, both in height and length
  • Forms various free-standing room configurations in two different heights for flexible room zoning
  • Versatile applications in cafeteria, office and lounge areas
  • Individual planting for designing simple green elements up to dense plant walls
  • Floral design serves as privacy screen, improvement of indoor climate and well-bein
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Para Vert Planter

PARA VERT Planter is a modular floor-standing system that easily incorporates lush foliage and can be installed flexibly anywhere. A biophilic room divider. A separator of working zones. Yes, all of those things. The PARA VERT planter is a new product concept. As a green therapist, that has physical, emotional, and even health-related impacts. In addition to providing healthier air, it creates an entirely different atmosphere within the workplace. Para Vert allows employees to interact with plants, contributing to their well-being and workplace satisfaction. The PARA VERT. Planting new ideas.

The Para Vert modules are comprised of vertical, curved metal poles linked together by large cylindrical planters which create a floral three-dimensional partition or display. The planter modules can be bolted together in angled compositions to form free-standing room divider.

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Dimensions & Details

Product Details
Model Features
  • modular system with screw connections consisting of plantable containers, poles and disc bases
  • container, (W x H) Ø 24 x 25 cm, with hole pattern for module arrangement in various angle settings (90°, 135°, 180°)
  • container can take plant pots with a maximum dimension (WxH) of Ø 21,5 x 20,5 cm
  • poles available in the heights 190 cm and 250 cm
  • poles and disc bases made of steel, coated
  • container and spacer made of ABS plastic
  • sets vary in height, width and depth – depending on configuration
  • Components packed for assembly on site.
Assembly Required Yes

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