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Workplace Room Solutions

Workplace Room Solutions

Workplace Room Solutions

Workplace Room Solutions provide modern offices with flexible, reconfigurable office partition room-in-rooms, to create an informal and formal solution to meet, socialise and collaborate. They are freestanding, designed to define spaces which can be configured with visual and acoustic privacy screens, tailored with both colour and texture for different functions. They are ideal for large open offices that don't have enough meeting rooms, restricted by listed building regulations or in need defined spaces.

Contact furnify for advice for any questions you have on adding additional meeting rooms, privacy pods into your office.

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  1. Rooms Workplace Systems
    Room Workplace System help create and define meetingpsaces in the open plan office
  2. BuzziBracks
    BuzziBracks define and create meeting spaces and collaboration spaces in the open plan office
  3. Cell Pod Cabana
    The Cabana Office Pod is designed to define spaces, create seclusion and provide a place for collaboration.
  4. Cabins
    Campers&Dens Cabins are freestanding semi-open huddle spaces for relaxation, meeting and work.
  5. LimbusBarn
    LimbusBarn muted rooms for semi-open free space meeting and work solution in open offices.
  6. BuildUp Meeting Pods
    BuilUp Meeting Pods create inviting meeting and collaborative places that divide and define large open offices.
  7. Retreat Zoning System
    Retreat Zoning System provides a two-seater sofa, four-seater cove and media stations
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