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StudioBricks Meeting Pods

StudioBricks Meeting Pods

StudioBricks Meeting Pods

The StudioBricks Meeting Pods is an acoustic room-in-room solution for 100% freedom and 0% disturbance. The office pod range offers phone booths and office pods, that deliver the highest sound isolation on the market. Choose between the Holla, Hello and Hallo phone booths for private calls and video conference calls. For undisturbed work pods and meetings, there is the Focus + and Focus Space for larger office pods. Fast and easy to assemble nomadic soundproof meeting pods in any size suitable for any space and the modern office of today.

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  1. StudioBricks Focus Booth
    Create an unfixed room focus space for your staff with the StudioBricks Focus Booths.
  2. Focus Plus Work Pod
    Focus Plus Work Pod for undisturbed work, phone calls & video conferences.
  3. Hola Phone Booth
    Hola Phonebooth is a flexible, space-saving single user soundproof office booth on wheels.
  4. Hallo Work Pod
    Create free space alternative workspaces with the Hallo Work Pod. Integrated desk and seat.
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Do you feel like escaping the office noise without leaving the room? Rest assured, stepping inside a StudioBricks office pod solution with the door closed; your conversations are private. The StudioBricks range of phone booths, work pods and office pods ensure nothing said inside will be overheard from outside.

Ten years of experience in sound management guarantee optimal results — delivers 45dB on average across the rooms. Studiobricks pods are ideal for creating confidential meeting spaces and examination rooms without compromising the building structure.

The ingenious modular system allows you to create virtually any size room. Choose customizable booths from as small as 1200 x 1200mm up to 50m2 (4 x 4 ft up to 538 ft2). If required, you can exchange the location of the windows and doors after the first installation.

Have you ever needed an additional quiet room in the office for a week or a month? StudioBricks office pods provide free space rooms that are easy to assemble and store when required. The patented modular interlocking panel design of wooden bricks makes it incredibly fast and easy to build booths and pods using your early childhood Lego building experience.


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