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Moxi Seating

Maximize Underused Spaces with Moxi


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The Moxi Seating range includes a variety single user, two and four-person seating solutions that provide focussed work, collaboration and informal meeting areas.

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Moxi Seating

Maximize Underused Spaces with the Moxi Seating Range


Unlock the potential of underutilized and awkward areas with the innovative Moxi Seating Range. Designed to redefine workspaces, Moxi offers versatile solutions for dividing spaces, fostering collaboration, and enhancing productivity. This simple yet highly functional range is ideal for narrow and compact spaces, ensuring no corner is left unused.


Versatile Options to Suit Every Need

The Moxi Seating Range includes a variety of configurations to meet diverse workspace requirements:

  • Solitary Focus Work Chairs: Perfect for individual tasks that require concentration.
  • Privacy Sofas with Upholstered Screen Surrounds: Standard and bar-height options provide a comfortable and private seating solution.

Customizable Features to Enhance Functionality

Tailor your Moxi Seating to meet specific needs with these optional additions:


  • Integrated Power and Data: Ensure connectivity and convenience for all users.
  • High or Low Legs: Customize the seating height to fit your space and design aesthetic.
  • Standard or Bar Height Tables: Choose the table height that best complements your seating arrangement.
  • Privacy Surround Screen: Add an extra layer of seclusion for focused work or private conversations.

Why Choose Moxi?

  • Efficient Space Utilization: Perfect for transforming underused areas into productive work zones.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Designed to encourage teamwork and interaction in the workplace.
  • Adaptable Design: Offers a range of customizable features to fit your unique needs.

By incorporating the Moxi Seating Range into your workspace, you can create a more dynamic, efficient, and collaborative environment. Optimize every inch of your office with Moxi's smart design and functional versatility.

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