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Acoustic Excellence: Your Productive Oasis

Milli is a modern work pod and phone booth that helps you concentrate on your work by minimizing distractions. Using class-leading soundproofing materials and meticulous structural detailing, Milli booths provide an undisturbed environment where you can thrive.

Two Booth Models, Limitless Possibilities: Sit and Stand

Milli offers two natural working positions - sit and stand, giving you the freedom to choose what suits you best. Whether you prefer a seated or standing posture, Milli provides ergonomic options that prioritize your comfort and productivity. Embracing simplicity, Milli is available in timeless black or white finishes, blending seamlessly with any office decor.

Seamless Transition with Automatic Lighting

Experience a smooth transition between spaces with Milli's innovative motion sensor technology. The motion sensor activates the lighting as you enter the booth, ensuring a welcoming ambience that supports your workflow. When the booth is unoccupied, the lights automatically turn off, conserving energy and optimizing efficiency.

Breathable and Refreshing: Ventilated Space

Milli understands the importance of a well-ventilated workspace. Our custom-designed airflow vents guarantee constant natural air circulation, providing a refreshing environment that enhances focus and well-being. Milli Sit and Stand models are equipped with controlled airflow, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air at a rate of 30.8 m3/h.

Effortless Connectivity with Built-in Charging

Stay connected and powered up effortlessly with Milli's user-friendly charging ports. Placed at table level for easy access, the built-in charging station features two AC outlets, two USB chargers, and one CAT-6 port. Rest assured that your devices will be charged safely and efficiently, as the charging station is UL and CE certified.

Sustainable Interior, Eco-Innovative Design

Milli is committed not only to your productivity but also to the environment. The booth's interior features eco-innovative Polyester (PET) Acoustics Panels, promoting sustainability without compromising performance. These panels are SCS Global Services Recycled Content Certified, utilizing at least 50% post-consumer recycled polyester staple fibre content.

Move with Ease and Adaptability

Milli adapts to the dynamic needs of your workspace, equipped with levelling feet that allow for easy adjustment and access to castors for horizontal movement. This feature ensures hassle-free mobility, allowing you to reposition the booth effortlessly whenever needed.

Unlock your true potential in a workspace that empowers you to excel—Experience Milli's minimalist elegance and exceptional functionality, where simplicity meets productivity. Choose Milli for a workspace acoustic booth that brings out your best.

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