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Microoffice Prime Phone Booth


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Microoffice Prime Phone Booth is a comfortable getaway to absolute silence without leaving the room. Offering an expertly crafted private phone space retreat for open offices, workers can escape ambient noise for privacy and focus. The Microoffice Prime is designed to support agile office workers giving them everything they need in an enclosed space to talk or work in private.

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Microoffice Prime Phone Booth

Microoffice Prime is a standalone phone booth, a free space personal oasis of silence for office workers. The Microoffice Prime Phone Booth is a quiet retreat for both private telephone calls be they personal or for work and telephone conference calls right through to a focused work area. It’s an acoustic office booth solution without the burdensome installation or renovation when in need of that quiet space in the open office. It combines the Silent Lab iconic aesthetic with an active ventilation system for a great user experience.

The Microoffice Prime features a signature minimalist design combining quality fabric, glass and warm oak. The phone both comes standard with a solid roof with lighting or optional skylight inspired glass ceiling alternative for a more open feeling. The phone space structure is comprised of two solid sound-absorbing sandwich panel walls lined with acoustic insulation. The door and opposite glass wall use sound-insulated glass. The effect is an inviting space that designed to support the user’s every need while indicating to the rest of the office the space is in use.

This needs fixing before go live
Expertly crafted the Microoffice Prime phone space combines beautiful fabrics with warm oak and glass and elegantly selected hinges for beautiful acoustic phone booth solution.
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The glass door offers users a silent experience, sealing firmly with magnets and a rubber door lined seal to prevent noise coming in or going out.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2270
Width (mm) 1150
Depth (mm) 1000
Internal Dimensions in mm. 900 x 930 x 2150
Product Details
Interior Sound-absorbing sandwich panel with acoustic insulation.
Exterior Sound-absorbing sandwich panel with acoustic insulation.
Air Circulation Automatic/manual ventilation activated by PIR sensor.
Floor Carpet (anthracite grey).
Door sound-insulating glass door with oak door knob.
Glass Panels sound-insulating glass.
Lighting LED lighting.
Integrated Power Electric socket, USB and LAN connection
Tabletop Worktop made from oak (two height options: sitting/standing)
Relocatable Can easily be moved or relocated if required.
Weight un-packed 350 Kg
Standards Seat (barstool, chair).

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