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Mello Box Phone Booth


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Mello Box Phone Booth is a free space acoustic escape ideal for private telephone calls, video conference calls and a bit of focused work. The private phone space features a unique layered structure and high-performance acoustic glass, which allows an increased level of isolation from the surrounding noise. The Mellow Box booth offers integrated lighting, ventilation and power connections.

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Mello Box Phone Booth

Mello Box Phone Booth is a private acoustic space for a single user to escape both ambient office and public space noise. It’s a closed oasis phone booth to retreat to, offering effective sound insulation and silence. The Mello Box office phone space ensure users are comfortable, giving them that free space to relax and communicate in private or just think.

VANK-quish those disturbing sounds of the office by stepping inside the Mello Box office phone booth. If it’s a moment to think, have a private telephone call or a one-to-one video conference call, its the perfect audible escape. The Mello Box family of acoustic pods also offer 4 and 6-person meeting pods with high or low tables.

The Mellow Box phone booth is upholstered in a wool based fabric known for its excellent sound absorbing qualities. The upholstery can be finished with different colour sets made with a broad range of high-performance materials. Additional soundproofing to ensure user comfort is provided by high-quality safety glass panels. Users are fully catered for with the integrated LED lighting system, active ventilation system and power ports to keep those mobile devices charged.

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The Vank Mello Box Phone Booth features an integrated overhead LED light and ventilation activated by the infrared PIR sensor.
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Fitted with a supporting shelf made from plywood it provides the user with enough space for taking notes during personal phone calls.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2300
Width (mm) 1310
Depth (mm) 1100
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