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Loop CPU Holder


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Loop CPU Holder is a simple and elegant CPU storage solution to help raise your PC tower off the floor. Ideal for offices using sit-stand desks, they help keep the CPU close to the work surface when the desktop is raised. This prevents cables from pulling tight and disconnecting giving you the freedom to choose the height you need. 

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Loop CPU Holder

Strap in and raise your CPU tower off the ground the Loop CPU Holder. It’s a simple space saving solution to free up that leg room under your desk or on the desktop. The Loop CPU support fixes neatly under the work surface, and can be positioned either to the left, right or rear of the worktop if the desk frame permits.

Fitted with a choice of various universal mounting and rotating brackets it gives easy access to your computer and prevents potential damage from dust. It’s ideal for standing desks or height adjustable bench desks, as this prevents cables from pulling taut when raising the desk. The cables, be it PC monitor VGA or HDMI or computer power cables stay within reach to the under-desk power module and monitors.

Loop CPU Holder is a neat and stylish computer mount that also won’t break the bank. Comprised of a strap and high-quality engineered plastic base, it’s a sturdy yet lightweight solution for CPU storage. Installation is quick and straightforward, Loop CPU support fixes to the underside of the desk with the universal mounting and rotating bracket. This allows easy access to the CPU when required. The looped webbing which holds the CPU can be easily tightened by a ratchet mechanism meaning it is fully adjustable and can house most desktop computers.

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Dimensions & Details

Product Details
Guarantee Lifetime warranty
Height Range 240-500mm
Width Range 80-225mm
CPU Max Weight 20Kg
Net Product Weight 0.9Kg

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