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Home Office Desks

Home Office Desks

Home Office Desks

Did you know a standard office desk or computer desk height is between 720 and 740mm high. Working at a dining table which is 760 or more in hight is enough to cause discomfort.

Furnify offer home office desks for working from home be it on your laptop, writing, crafting or studying. Having the correct work set up in your favourite setting at home can be inspirational. Furthermore, having the right desk can help you be productive so deciding on the perfect desk to fit your needs is essential.

With a wide range of contemporary home office desks, choosing the right desk has never been more exciting.

From Zoom conference calls to preparing reports or choosing which client will get a Christmas hamper its all done at your office desk. If you are now working from home, it's essential to get a computer desk that supports a good working posture and fits into that favourite home office setting you have in mind. The furnify range of contemporary home office desk includes a compact small office and computer desks as well as traditional corner desk with storage. We are also proud to say that most of our home office desks are British made and are on an Express delivery.

Contemporary Work Desks for Your Home Office Setting be it Room or Study


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