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Green Pads Planter

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Create you own botanical masterpiece in the office with the Green Pads Planter. It's like having a mini botanical wonderland right in the office!

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Green Pads Planter

Hey there, plant lovers and office dwellers! Get ready to meet the Green Pads Planter, a true blast from the past with a modern twist. Inspired by the glorious architecture of the 1950s, design guru Luca Nichetto took on the challenge of creating a botanical masterpiece for the O2asis project. In those groovy times, greenery was an absolute must-have in every architectural wonderland.

Picture this: Luca starts his creative journey by creating a vibrant garden display. He arranges various flowers in different-sized flowerpots, perfectly complemented by their saucers. But here's where the magic happens! Luca has an "aha" moment and decides to ditch the flowers and pots, but hold on to those great flowerpot saucers. Genius, right?

These saucers' unique sizes and shapes create a mesmerizing pattern that catches Luca's eye. It transported him straight to Monet's beautiful paintings in Giverny. Talk about an inspiration jackpot! And thus, the iconic Green Pads were born.

Designed to bring a breath of fresh air and a touch of artistry to commercial interiors like offices, the Green Pads Planter is the perfect fusion of nature and style. It's like having a mini botanical wonderland right at your fingertips!

But wait, there's more! This green marvel adds a vibrant pop of colour to any space, creates a soothing atmosphere, and promotes healthier air quality. It's like a natural air purifier disguised as a piece of furniture. Talk about a win-win situation!

Infuse your office with some green goodness. Let the Green Pads Planter transport you to the heyday of architectural marvels and unleash your inner Monet. Your office space will thank you, and you'll become the envy of every passerby!

Get your Green Pads Planter today and take a step towards a greener and more vibrant work environment. Let's bring nature indoors and let it work its magic in the most stylish way possible. Embrace the botanical revolution with Furnify and let the Green Pads Planter be your green companion in this adventure!

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