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CleanSpace Phone Booth

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The CleanSpace Phone Booth provides a highly rated acoustic phone booth for staff to take and make calls or work in comfort. The booth features ISO-7 certified clean-air technology so employees can maximise their potential by eliminating distractions and provide relief from allergies due to dust and mould. A smart ventilation system reduces bacteria and particle levels of up to 99,9% in the air and on surfaces within the space.

The CleanSpace Microbic Booth features a robust and well-constructed metal frame with acoustically lined sandwich panelling. Triple-layered safety glass includes double glazed sheets with an acoustic layer in between.

The CleanSpace acoustic booths are suitable for a wide range of environments such as:

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CleanSpace Phone Booth

The VetroSpace CleanSpace Phone Booth is more than just an acoustic office telephone booth. Its a sound managed privacy booth equipped with silent dual filtered ventilation and antimicrobic lighting for a truly comfortable experience. It leaves no room for bacteria, poor air quality and distracting noises. Your business, your workforce's wellbeing, your success - why compromise?

The ventilation in the CleanSpace phone booth is superb and works quietly and efficiently thanks to acoustic Silent Tunnel technology and a dual filtration system. Prefiltered at the intake it removes larger particles from the air. It then flows through the tunnel equipped with mufflers and then passes through an active HEPA filter removing fine particles and impurities. The user then only breaths pure air.

When the CleanSpace Phone Booth is in use, the unit's ANTiBAC clear bright light provides a comfortable space to stay fresh, alert and focused on the task at hand. On exiting the booth and after a set time the booth switches to the WiSDOM AiR blue disinfection lights (Antimicrobic lighting). Innovative technology generates a powerful antimicrobial effect that is deadly for up to 99.9% of microbes but still entirely harmless for humans and materials.

All the VetroSpace meeting pods and booths, be they CleanSpace or PhoneSpace models feature the ultimate balance between structural mass and performance. The acoustically lined sandwich panelling structure minimises acoustic 'leaks' yet is efficient with space and weight. Lined internally with EcoFelt, consisting of 90% wool it helps achieve excellent sound absorption levels.

Having large glass panels means the approachability of the open office isn't cut off. The glass also promotes the feeling of space and light within the space it occupies. The triple layer glass includes double glazed sheets with an acoustic layer in between. The atmosphere is improved immensely by letting light flow through an interior space.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2300
Width (mm) 1100
Depth (mm) 1100
Internal Dimensions in mm. 1000 x 1000 x 2000
Product Details
Sound Absorption STI: 0,08 - Ds: 26,5 dB (39 dB Rw, Lab.)
Glass Type Sound control safety glass panels
Door 900mm hinged door. Hinge side can be specified.
Structure Structure 5 - Glass back panel and glass door.
Interior Acoustically lined with EcoFelt fabric
Exterior Cladded with EcoFelt upholstered panels.
Frame Colour White RAL 9016 or Black RAL 9004 as standard.
Your RAL Colour Optional RAL colours available on request.
Air Circulation 20 L/sec. Smart ventilation which a ISO-7 certified
Sensor Integrated PIR sensor to switch between WisDom Air blue lighting and AntiBac clear lighting.
Floor Fitted with its own carpeted floor.
Fabric Panels EcoFelt lined panels
Glass Panels Sound managed safety glass.
Lighting WiSDOM Air blue disinfection lighting and ANTiBac lights.
Integrated Power Fitted with Power sockets as standard.
Shelf Integrated fixed height shelf for a laptop or other mobile devices.
Levelling Feet Concealed leveling system.
Relocatable Can be relocated if desired.
Optional USB charging sockets and RJ45 or integrated radio.

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