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C2 Mobile Planter

Mobile Display Storage Planter Unit


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Organize, showcase, and define spaces with the C2 Mobile Planter. Available with a RAW steel or RAL painted frame and various MFC finishes.

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C2 Mobile Planter

Introducing the C2 Mobile Planter: Your All-in-One Solution for Versatile Workspace Organization

Revolutionize the way you organize, showcase, and define spaces in your environment with the C2 Mobile Planter. Engineered for versatility and designed for modern workspaces, this innovative solution combines planting, storage, display, and zoning functionalities in one seamless system.

Key Features:

  • Welded Frame Grid Construction: Built to last, the C2 Mobile Planter features a sturdy welded frame grid construction, ensuring durability and stability.
  • Vibrant Color Options: Choose from 12 RAL colors to match your aesthetic preferences and elevate the look of your space.
  • Customizable Finishes: Enjoy the flexibility of flush front fittings available in our full range of MFC finishes, allowing you to personalize your environment with ease.
  • Mobile Design: Designed for flexibility, the mobile design of the C2 Planter allows for effortless movement, enabling you to adapt your space to meet changing needs.

Versatile Applications:

Whether you need to create designated planting areas to introduce greenery into your office, optimize storage solutions for efficient organization, display products or artwork with sophistication, or define zones for various activities, the C2 Mobile Planter is the ideal solution for multiple applications.

Crafted for Modern Workspaces:

Perfectly suited for modern work environments, the C2 Mobile Planter seamlessly integrates into open spaces, collaborative zones, reception areas, and more. Its mobile design empowers you to transform your space with ease, maximizing functionality without compromising on style.

Experience the Future of Workspace Organization:

Elevate your workspace with the C2 Mobile Planter and unlock the full potential of your environment. Whether you're enhancing productivity, fostering creativity, or simply redefining your space, this versatile solution is your key to success.

Transform Your Workspace Today:

Discover the power of versatility with the C2 Mobile Planter. Elevate your workspace with style, functionality, and adaptability. Experience the difference today.

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