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  1. Osti Outdoor Table
    The Osti Outdoor Table is a family of dining and poseur tables with seating to match it
  2. Wish Chair
    The Wish Chair is a Scandinavian inspired design suitable for dining areas, cafes and informal meeting areas.
  3. Snug Modular Sofa
    The Snug Modular Sofa offer seven seating elopements to create numerous arrangements.
  4. Retreat Zoning System
    Retreat Zoning System provides a two-seater sofa, four-seater cove and media stations
  5. Flord Modular Sofa
    The Flord Modular Sofa provides the perfect soft seating solution for hybrid workplaces.
  6. Trost Lounge Chair
    Trost Lounge Chair with solid wooden legs offers a sculptural and comfortable seating solution.
  7. Ilk High Lounge Chair
    ILK High Lounge Chair is both inviting and stylish making it suitable in any workplace interior.
  8. Tipsy Stool
    Tipsy Stool the dynamic low stool for keeping workers or students with active minds busy.
  9. Relic at Work Tables
    Relic at Work allows workers to adjust between collaboration and personal working.
  10. Urban Sofa
    Urban Sofa range with oak wood frame available in a single-seater and two-seater sofa.
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