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  1. Nano Desktop Power Module
    The Nano Desktop Power Module provides a compact on desk power solution for small workspaces.
  2. Timber High Table
    The Timber High Table is a collaboration table for the open office.
  3. Cyl Stool
    The Cyl Stool is a cylindrical soft seating solution that inspires creativity and flexibility.
    The UV Bench for surface disinfection of objects to help block potentially harmful virus transmission.
  5. A-Frame Bench Desk
    A-Frame Bench Desk with slanted leg-frame. Available in RAW metal.
  6. Dot.Pro Task Chair
    The Dot.Pro Task Chair offers a stylish office and home working desk chair solution.
  7. Skala Height Adjustable Desks
    Skala Height Adjustable Desks were developed after a study of people, their wellbeing at work and the demand to stand.
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