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  1. Furow Planter
    Furow Planters is an office plant holder thats perfect for zoning or simply as a stunning display
  2. Mayze Mobile Sofa
    The Mayze Mobile Sofa is an easy-to-move and flexible seating solution for agile workshop situations and spontaneous interaction
  3. Crate Home Office Desk with Storage-Walnut-Black
    The Crate Home Office Desk with Storage for separating work stuff from living.
  4. Dandy Sofa
    Dandy Sofa and armchair for provides sumptuous dining, lounge, reception or breakout areas.
  5. Arc Home Desk
    As low as £179.00
    The Arc Home Desk is a static height home office desk with optional fabric screen.
  6. Jinx Sofa
    The Jinx Sofa is an organically shaped soft seating family offering a armchair, two and three-seater sofa
  7. Haven Bench
    Haven Bench offer a modular seating solution that supports the drive towards a location free, collaborative working environments.
  8. Mote Modular Sofa
    More Modular Sofa is a flexible soft seating range with acoustic high back surround.
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