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Airflake Acoustic Panels


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Airflake Acoustic Panels is a modular system built around the shape of a hexagon in a variety of designs and colours, which can be freely linked to create decorative hanging sound dampening screens (helps reduce sound travel). Airflake panels are made from moulded fibre felt and can be suspended using a straight or curved curtain rail mounted to either the ceiling or wall.

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Airflake Acoustic Panels

Airflake Acoustic Panels is a modular system which links together with clips to form beautiful sound dampning wall features or room dividers. Created by designer Stefan Borselius in 2006 it was the first Airflake product to emerge from the Air concept range. Each individual Airflake panel is made using a combination of sound management materials – wool based fabric upholstered over a compressed and moulded felt fibre. The result is a hexagon-shaped element reminiscent of snowflakes, these work in unison, linking to form ‘open’ decorative screens. They can be hung from ceilings or walls with a straight or angled curtain rail. Suitable for use in a wide range of environments, they help dampen sounds and prevent echoes within rooms, while allowing light to pass through unobstructed.

The Airflake range offers two sized panel options, in 10 standards colours generally kept in stock depending on demand. Alternatively, you can choose to have your panels upholstered in the Camira Blazer fabric range comprised of an additional 20 colours on longer delivery time.Airflake Panels is a modular system built around the shape of a hexagon in a variety of designs and colours, which can be freely linked to create a decorative room hanging sound absorbing screen.

How will Airflake Acoustic Panels Help You

An empty room or a space furnished with very few upholstered pieces of furniture will have a problem with sound. It might be that its too loud or it has an echo. The hard surfaces in the room: such as the walls, the hard floor if not carpeted and ceiling are entirely flat will reflect sound directly - thus be more annoying.

One way to help combat the noise from travelling is by introducing soft furnishing with pleated or waved surfaces that will weaken sound waves by dispersing them in various reflective directions. The effect is called diffusion.

By introducing furnishings like Airfake acoustic panels sound waves are diffused (weakened) rather than broken down. By combining the method of diffusion with that of absorption, it is possible to create a balanced soundscape in your space.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 400
Width (mm) 360
Product Details
Guarantee 5 Year warranty
Acoustic Qualities Hanging acoustic product for diffusion of sound. Sound absorber.
Upholstery Polyester felt.
Filing Moulded polyester.
Plastic PA clips for linking Airflake panels.
Adhesive Copolyester web.
Packaging Cardboard, foam and plastic.
Assembly Required Yes
Certification EN ISO 11654 and SS 25269.

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