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Acoustic Room Mini

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Acoustic Room Mini, a designer office phone booth of glass and steel offers superb acoustics. Featuring a LED lighting strip, active ventilation and power it provides a great escape from office noise. 

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Acoustic Room Mini

The Acoustic Room Mini is an office phone booth solution, providing office users with an acoustically-protected space for personal phone calls and video calls.

With both ambient noise and visual distractions affecting the productivity of some workers, there is a growing need for alternative free space phone booths like the Acoustic Room Mini. Designed specifically for commercial use, Mini offers an enclosed, comfortable and well-lit phone booth. The enclosure features a ventilation system and LED lighting activated by the built-in motion sensor which can be managed by remote control.

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The Acoustic Room Mini uses a freestanding, self-supporting structure, which makes relocating the unit simple. The interior uses an acoustic lining of slat panels in combination with four acoustic 14/2 panels higher up reducing reverb and creating an audibly sound and pleasant environment. The two large glazed panels help ensure Mini's space is adequately lit. The frame has a cross-section of 70 x 20 mm.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2280
Width (mm) 1176
Depth (mm) 1140
Internal Dimensions in mm. W1000 x D1000
Product Details
Interior Lined with 4 acoustic sound-absorbent panels.
Exterior Melamine or fabric.
Air Circulation Ventilation system activated by a motion sensor. Lower intake
Floor Carpeted floor.
Door Glass hinged door.
Glass Panels Safety glass panels.
Lighting LED lighting strip activated by sensor.

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