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Vika Room Divider

Acoustic Screen


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Manage you soundscape and transform your space with the Vika Room Divider by Khodi Feiz. Combining sound absorption with warm, atmospheric lighting, Vika is perfect for cafes, offices, and homes. Available in two sizes and various colours to suit any decor.

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Vika Room Divider

Innovative Acoustic Lighting Solution

The Vika Room Divider, designed by Khodi Feiz, seamlessly blends acoustic management with atmospheric lighting. Perfect for a variety of settings including cafes, restaurants, meeting rooms, and even homes, Vika enhances any space with its unique design and functionality.


Features and Specifications

Dimensions: Available in two versions:Smaller, oblong version: 427 x 1540 x 231 mm
Larger room divider version: 1180 x 1540 x 231 mm
Materials: Features a soft, sound-absorbing core made partly from recycled PET bottles, covered with Texfel acoustic felt.
Lighting: Equipped with 12V plastic LED tubes, 150 cm long, with an output of 14.4 W/m and a colour temperature of 2700 K. Optionally available without lighting.
Base: Black-coated metal base for stability and durability.
Colour Options: Available in various select colours, with darker textiles providing more subdued lighting effects.

Acoustic and Aesthetic Benefits

Vika is designed to dampen low—and high-frequency sounds while radiating a warm, atmospheric light. Its voids effectively trap noise, creating a quieter and more pleasant environment. Multiple layers of acoustic materials ensure excellent sound absorption, making it an ideal solution for dividing large spaces into smaller, quieter areas.


Designer Insight

“In collaboration with Abstracta, we’ve created Vika to redefine acoustic lighting,” says designer Khodi Feiz. “It’s another way of thinking about sound and light, offering a peaceful and cosy warmth to any space.”


Versatile and Stylish

Whether you need to create a cosy corner in a bustling café or a serene meeting area in an office, Vika adapts to your needs. Its stylish and modern appearance and practical acoustic benefits make it a valuable addition to any environment.


Optimize Your Space with Vika Room Divider

Transform your space with the Vika Room Divider. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative acoustic lighting solution and how it can enhance your environment.

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