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  1. Shield Oak Screen

    Shield Oak Screen is a freestanding protective desk screen or table screen available from stock.
  2. Corner Office Screen Corner Office Screen New

    Corner Office Screen

    The Corner Office Screen is a lightweight and easy to install freestanding desk screen.
  3. Protective Desk Divider Toppers

    Protective Desk Divider Toppers help raise the height of existing desk screens and shield your workers.
  4. Pillow Desk Divider

    Pillow Desk is an upholstered flexible and portable desk divider solution with acoustic properties.
  5. BuzziTripl Home Screen

    BuzziTripl Home desk and room divider screen offer a lite weight flexible screen for privacy.
  6. Shield Fix Protective Screens

    Shield Fix Screens offering freestanding, fixed or suspended acrylic protection in the office.
  7. Freestanding Storage Screen

    About Me Freestanding Storage Screen is a high desk-side screen with integrated storage.
  8. Fabric Gantry Screens

    The About Me "My Place" Fabric Gantry Screen uses Anti-bacterial fabric for a softer homely feel.
  9. Acrylic Containment Screen

    The About Me - Acrylic Containment Screen if a desk freestanding protective shield that is easy to clean.

Protective Desk Screens

During this time of unprecedented disruption, businesses need to have protective measures in place, such as protective screens, desk dividers and panels. We know that the desk and chair are one of the required office furniture items not to considered lightly. But now more than ever it is office accessories such as protective desk screens and shielding panels which are critical to a safer and more comfortable working environment.

With the whole world fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses now have to prepare, as best as possible for the return of concerned employees back into the workplace. Acrylic screens and glass desk screens are a modern solution compared to the fabric desk screen counterparts. The use of transparent and clear materials such as plexiglass and safety glass screens not only allows light to pass through the office but work colleagues can also see each other. Having glazed screens made from either glass or plastic are also easy to clean and disinfect. They are also easy to install and fix to most desks, project tables, and there are solutions for meeting tables.

If glazed screens arent what you want, then there are fabric desk screens that use anti-bacterial fabric or vinyl. At furnify, we recommend the About me office accessory range; it focusses on the "My Space" which is a concern most of us have when we return to the workplace. We all want to be shielded from this invisible threat. The About me office accessory range offers a full package of protective measures that offer protective shielding for fast and safe division of personal workstations. The About Me accessories include freestanding desk screens, containments screens, gantry screens for something a little different, glass screens, Add-on screen for office who have desk screens but need them made that little higher and then the Up And Over Screen. All the screens in the range can be mixed and matched to deliver a working solution for your business.