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  1. StudioBricks Focus Booth

    Create an unfixed room focus space for your staff with the StudioBricks Focus Booths.
  2. Air3 Work Pod

    Air3 Work Pod offers a freestanding privacy room-in-room solutions for speech privacy.
  3. Hush Work Pod

    The Hush Work Pod offers workers a free space escape to work undisturbed without the noise.
  4. Bee Personal Work Pods

    Bee Personal Work Pod is an alternative workspace solution for focused work in an open office.
  5. Wall Box Meeting Pod

    Vank Wall Box Meeting Pod offer acoustic unfixed rooms to work and meet in comfort.
  6. se:cube Phone Booths

    The se:cube pods are free space acoustic phone, work and meeting pod solutions.
  7. Acoustic Cupboard Booths

    The Acoustic Cupboard is an innovative use of redundant office storage cupboards made to offer workers privacy spaces.
  8. Residence Meet Pod

    Residence Meet Pod is a range of plywood two-person acoustic meeting pods.
  9. Railway Carriage Classic Pod

    Railway Carriage Pod offers an informal free space team meeting pod and collaboration zone.

Work Pods

Office Work Pods are a common office furniture solution found in many London based working offices of today. The move is mainly due to businesses adopting an open-plan office plan and the implementation of agile working. Workers are being encouraged to be active, innovative and take on a nomadic workstyle. With hot-desking possible and technology at our fingertips, working anywhere is easy, staff can leave their desk to retreat to a phone booth or a work pod for impromptu phone calls or quick tasks that require concentration. Acoustic pods provide offices with room in room solutions equipped to support the users. They feature LED lighting activated by sensors, whiteboards, integrated power and date with the option of mounting a monitor and ventilation.