Office Phone Booths
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  1. Treehouse Phone Booth

    The Treehouse Phone Booth a fond childhood retreat for comfort and creativity.
  2. Solo Plus Phone Booth

    Solo Plus Phone Booth is a single user acoustic cabin for private calls. Available from stock.
  3. Hush Phone Booth

    Keep personal phone calls private with Hush Phone Booths. Single occupancy free space office booths.
  4. Cell Phone Booth

    Find that quiet and calm space with the Cell Phone Booth offering up to 41dB privacy.
  5. Penelope Phone Booth

    Penelope Phone Booth is an acoustic privacy booth for taking personal phone calls in the office.
  6. SilenSpace Phone Booth

    SilenSpace 1 Phone Booth acoustic free space call and video conference solution.
  7. Hola Phone Booth

    Hola Phonebooth is a flexible, space-saving single user soundproof office booth on wheels.
  8. Microoffice Prime Phone Booth

    Microoffice Prime Phone Booth is a modern office free space quiet retreat for privacy in the open office.
  9. TP4 Phone Booth

    TP4 Office Phone Booth is a single user privacy booth to avoid everyday workplace distractions.

Office Phone Booths

It’s been 93 years since the K2 telephone box or booth was accepted to be the London Metropolitan Borough’s phone booth of choice and brought into service on the streets of London. The telephone box, a kiosk was painted red so that it could be easily spotted and is known as a British cultural icon throughout the world. With the arrival of the mobile phone culture in 1985 and its advances, the number of phone boxes on London’s streets declined sharply by the 1990s.

However, with the advances in technology and the modern office, there has been a resurgence of the phone booth as an office furniture solution. Now used indoors, these free-standing acoustic phone booths provide a quiet free space for private phone calls, video conference calls or to work undisturbed. Office booth solutions provide staff with a quick escape located next to or near their primary area of work. Positioning office phone booths within proximity help reduce call answer delay while providing staff with a free space "soundproof" booth.

What is an office phone booth?

An Office Phone Booth is a modern office furniture solution designed to provide the office worker with an enclosed space for phone calls or conference calls. It’s a free space solution for employees who struggle to work in open-plan offices and face increasing challenges in finding a quiet place to have phone conversations or work undisturbed. These single-user acoustic phone booths provide staff with a sound-absorbing quick escape located next to or near their primary area of work. Positioning acoustic office booths within proximity help reduce call answer delay while providing staff with a free space "soundproof" booth. Phone Booths also help reduce the number of employees using larger meeting rooms for a bit of privacy. Available in a wide range of designs and styles, the booths offer various features to help users work in privacy while staying connected.

The enclosed acoustic phone booth pods, feature acoustic properties with the latest technology and accessories for a comfortable escape to work. They answer the need for free spaces that seamlessly merge the physical world and the digital world. Equipped with power sockets, USB A+C charging ports and data ports keep the user connected and their mobile devices charged. Additional accessories such as whiteboards, cork pinboards and Bluetooth speakers can also be added as an optional extra. For a pleasant experience, the office phone booths have integrated lighting and an active ventilation system which is turned by the booth's motion sensor.

An alternative to the closed acoustic phone booth is the open phone booth. Open on one side for entry three acoustic screen walls protect the user. All lined and upholstered with sound-absorbing material. The open booth protects the user with high side panels and maybe a canopy depending on the model from visual distractions and some sounds. They are more cost-effective than the closed office phone booths as they do not come with all the features.

Lastly, there are the wall booths or acoustic phone hoods that fix onto the wall and offer temporary shelter from ambient noise. Ideal for areas like walkways or large reception halls where there is a lot of noise or where you want to discourage lengthy calls. Phone hoods provide users with a functional space offering a shelf unit and pen holder to assist with taking notes or memos.

We at furnify can help navigate you through the endless range of meeting pod, acoustic office phone booths, open booths and phone hoods on the market to ensure you find the right solution for your open-plan office. Browse our site to discover the best ways you can work undisturbed take private phone calls and video conference calls. Alternatively, contact us where one of our consultants we happily answer any questions or advice on options.

How Your Business and Workers Benefit from Having Office Phone Booths:

  • They provide a personal quiet space with acoustic properties helping free up meeting rooms
  • Office booths contribute to employee wellbeing and reduce downtime
  • No dilapidation cost at the end of the lease period
  • They should be seen as an investment as they reduced time & cost for relocation
  • There is less if any Landlord interface and approvals with office booth solutions.

The Importance of Having Good Phone Booth Ventilation

It's essential to have a sound ventilation system on any office phone booth or meeting pod solution. When researching the best office booth solution for your working environment, it's important to remember a cost-effective booth isn't necessarily a good idea. Cheap phone booths often come fitted with a basic fan unit, which means it delivers a constant and un-adjustable flow of air from inside the office.

Having a booth solution with a basic fan unit means the same room temperature is fed into the booth during the occupation. Combined with the user's body heat and the heat generated by the light source could make the cabin uncomfortable if used for extended periods. Booths with ceiling-mounted packaged cooling systems might be a better solution that you won't regret.