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Office Phone Booths

Office Phone Booths

The office phone booth was born to address two core issues relating to the modern workplace and its open plan style of working: firstly, the need for physical and acoustic privacy, and secondly, the need for an internal personal free space. These single-user acoustic phone booths provide staff with a quick escape located next to or near their primary area of work. Positioning acoustic office booths within proximity help reduce call answer delay while providing an acoustic sheltered cabin. Office Phone Booths can be positioned anywhere in the office and prevent staff using larger meeting rooms to get privacy. They are also an excellent investment for the businesses as they are free-standing, making them relocatable when moving premises.

With mobile technology and personal devices being integral in work life. There’s an ever-increasing need in the modern office for free space booths and meeting pods that seamlessly merge the physical world and digital. With standard lighting and ventilation along with configurable built-in power and data, office phone booths offer a comfortable acoustic place for private calls, to connect or do some focused work.

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  1. CleanSpace PhoneSpace CleanSpace PhoneSpace New

    CleanSpace PhoneSpace

    The CleanSpace PhoneSpace is an acoustic phone booth featuring ISO-7 certified clean-air technology.
  2. Mello Box Phone Booth

    Escape the office noise by stepping into a Mello Box Phone Booth for private calls.
  3. Microoffice Prime Phone Booth

    Microoffice Prime Phone Booth is a modern office free space quiet retreat for privacy in the open office.
  4. Uniq Phone Booth

    Uniq Phone Booth with glazed ceiling and ventilation for a unique out of office experience.
  5. PhoneSpace Phone Booth

    VetroSpace PhoneSpace acoustic telephone booths offer superb office privacy for private calls.
  6. Hush Phone Booth

    Keep personal phone calls private with Hush Phone Booths. Single occupancy free space office booths.
  7. Penelope Phone Booth

    Penelope Phone Booth is an acoustic privacy booth for taking personal phone calls in the office.
  8. TP4 Phone Booth

    TP4 Office Phone Booth is a single user privacy booth to avoid everyday workplace distractions.
  9. se:cube pods

    The se:cube pods are free space acoustic phone, work and meeting pod solutions.