Work Booth Solutions
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  1. Snug Meeting Booth

    Snug Meeting Booth for occasional meetings and collaboration in open-plan areas.
  2. Haven Pods

    Haven Pods furniture system provide unfixed focus work booths and informal meeting pods.
  3. Jensen-Up Sofa Booth

    Create small informal meeting areas and focus work spaces with Jensen Up Booths.
  4. SoloScape Work Booths

    SoloScape Work Booths give workers a defined space to escape and focus within open-plan spaces
  5. Take Me-Up Booth

    The Take Me-Up Booth is a modular range of high back privacy sofas and screens for agile working.
  6. Kurt Seating Booths

    Kurt Seating Booths provide lite curtain based screen work and meeting solutions.
  7. Bee Personal Work Pods

    Bee Personal Work Pod is an alternative workspace solution for focused work in an open office.
  8. BuzziBooth Work Booth

    BuzziBooth acoustic privacy work booths and Pods for creative focused places.

Work Booth Solutions

The Work Booth is a vital furniture typology within an open-plan office environment, designed to give workers a free headspace for individual focused work. The enclosed personal work booth is a mobile private screened based unit for individuals or groups to work or meet in zoned areas in the open office. The beauty of these solutions lies in their small footprint, and that space planning and layout options provide a density of personal working choice that is free and accessible.

More London businesses are moving towards open-plan workspaces than ever before and looking to maximize headcount into smaller offices. With this change, ambient noise can be a problem for the staff.