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Coppice Work Booth


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The Coppice Work Booth is a partially open focus bay offering workers a free workspace solution. With the transformation of the office to a more open collaborative environment, there's a need for free space work zones. They provide an upholstered panel workstation away from ambient noise and visual distractions when focused work is required.

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Coppice Work Booth

Coppice Work Booth is a freestanding semi-enclosed workstation providing an alternative free space work area for focus with a high level of acoustic comfort.

The open office has suffered in recent years, with many research papers suggesting that workers may struggle to concentrate if there's too much activity around them. Ambient levels are central to these studies, either because they are too high (something easy to remedy) or, more surprisingly, because they're too low. At the same time, however, open-plan workplaces offer many benefits. They are, for instance, proven to increase physical activity by encouraging interaction and movement between spaces designed for team collaboration, unplanned meetings, media conferencing, phone calls etc. They also bring workers together, making us more aware of, and collaborative with, those with whom we share the office.

The answer lies in balancing these shared spaces and communal assets with easily accessible personal zones that allow for uninterrupted concentration. Enter Coppice Work Booths or work bays by Orangeboxthe. Designed as a stand-alone, single occupancy workstation it offers a high level of acoustic comfort, increasing productivity when focused work needs to carried out.

The Coppice focus bay helps enhance productivity and happiness for those working in open-plan environments. The Coppice collection offers 12 office configuration to match every working scenario - from collaborative teamwork to unplanned interactions. The arrangements provide work booths, library bays or focus bays.

Each Coppice unit uses lacquered bent Birch Plywood panels a honeycomb core to reduce the weight. Thus making the workbooth screens easier to transport and manoeuvre, as well as reduce the number of resources used. As an option, the bent plywood screens can have a felt lining added in grey anthracite. Having the workbooth with upholstered panels does enhance the acoustic comfort. All screens have polished feet. Each Coppice variant supports a tabletop finish in melamine offering Walnut, Grained Oak, Artisan Oak, Beech, Graphite, White or Grey finishes.

The Coppice Work Booths offer two types of task light solutions, one an environmentally smart material lamp that attaches to the screen. The second is a Pablo light which fixed through the worktop.
With Coppice Work Booths, the Orangebox design team interrogated the project brief, materials and production processes in search of a truly ‘light touch’ solution. The resulting product design features environmentally smart materials and also reduces the number of components to a minimum.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 1523
Product Details
Table Surfaces Choose between Melamine, Laminate or veneer tabletops.
Lighting Pablo Circa Lamp or Pablo Lana Lamp available as an upcharge.
Feet Polished feet as standard.
Power Options Various power options available.
Cable Tray A cable tray is included with every desktop as standard.
Assembly Required Yes