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  1. Kurt Seating Booths

    Kurt Seating Booths provide lite curtain based screen work and meeting solutions.
  2. Cwtch High Back Sofa

    Cwtch High Back Sofa forms part of a family of modular sofas delivering effective work solutions.
  3. We Meet Work Booths

    We Meet Work Booths for both single occupancy focused work and team collaboration zones.
  4. Double Treehouse Pod

    Double Treehouse Pod is a simple to install meeting space for informal team meetings.
  5. Rufus Sofa Booth

    Rufus Sofa Booth is a mobile privacy lounge solution. Push two together to create a sofa den.
  6. Railway Carriage Classic Pod

    Railway Carriage Pod offers an informal free space team meeting pod and collaboration zone.
  7. Treehouse Office Pod

    Treehouse Office Pod furnished with soft seating and table provides the ideal escape for a one-to-one meeting.
  8. Jensen Hut Sofa Meeting Pod

    Jensen Hut Sofa Den is a semi-enclosed informal meeting pod for up to 4 to 6 people.

Office Sofa Dens

Office Sofa Dens are semi-enclosed soft seating solutions developed for the workplace. They feature high backrests and are generally used as stand-alone units or combined to create free space sofa meeting pods giving workers an alternative place to work, collaborate and hold informal meetings.

Sofa dens and sofa meeting pods are ideal workplace furniture solutions that help reduce small teams using meeting rooms unimportant tasks. Introducing office sofa dens and sofa meeting pods into the open office means they can be placed anywhere and relocated at any time if required.

The office dens bring homely comforts into the office with comfortable seat cushions that invite users into the defined zone and guarantee comfortable seating.
Office sofa dens are available in various designs with many features designed to accommodate every current office requirement. These innovative office furniture solutions cater to small and large groups, from two users to teams of staff that need a fun, creative, collaborative space. Modular in design and mobile they can be wheeled into an area and linked to create hubs for groups to work and brainstorm. The units offer both wooden finishes, or they can be fully upholstered, which can help provide acoustic privacy, sheltering users from surrounding office noise. With the optional choice of power and data, sofa dens offer the means to add any AV equipment.