High Back Office Sofas
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  1. Take Me-Up Booth

    The Take Me-Up Booth is a modular range of high back privacy sofas and screens for agile working.
  2. Kurt Seating Booths

    Kurt Seating Booths provide lite curtain based screen work and meeting solutions.
  3. BuzziHub High Back Sofa

    BuzziHub High Back Sofa is an acoustic work lounge solution for collaborative offices.
  4. BuzziSpark Work Lounge

    BuzziSpark Work Lounge sofas with mix and match shield heights for free space soft seating.
  5. Nomad High Back Sofa

    Nomad High Back Sofa featuring birch plywood privacy surround on castors and sprung seating.
  6. Cwtch High Back Sofa

    Cwtch High Back Sofa forms part of a family of modular sofas delivering effective work solutions.
  7. Coze High Back Sofa

    Coze High Back Sofa offers integrated power modules to keep users charged while seated comfortably.
  8. Mote High Back Sofa

    Mote High Back Sofa with canopy is an office privacy sofa for informal meeting and impromptu chats.

High Back Office Sofas

Introducing high back office sofas into the workplace can help solve a range of acoustic problems and provide staff with alternative work and meeting spaces. Privacy-encouraging sofas offer a variety of designs and sizes, helping create useful free space zones throughout the open office environment. Many private sofa systems are modular and include sofa elements like linking screens to create acoustic soft seating booths. Large two and three-seater high back sofas can be used individually, or configured and connected with screens to form collaboration zones for teams to meet, train or work. The linking walls have integrated power and data capabilities, and fittings for smart TV’s are available for video conferencing and presentations. Work tables can also be integrated into the walls with cable management to support working teams.

Our stunning selection of office privacy high back sofas offers standard sizes and modular seating suitable for offices, breakout spaces, reception areas and hotels. They are a great addition to offices that struggle with ambient noise. Adding acoustic office furniture helps provide shelter for staff while also absorbing and diffusing sound. Available in a variety of different finishes and fabrics.