Glove Chair

Glave Chair family is an all round seating solution offering a variety of chair solutions suited to breakout, cafe, waiting areas and informal meeting spaces. Glove is a strong contender for use in the facilities and cotract sector.

Glove Chair program is an all round seating solution that stands out for its versatility in furniture contract projects. The Glove family of seating is designed around a set of principles that make the chairs a strong contender for a variety of interior uses in the facilities and contract sector. The Glove offers a superior level of design, with soft rounded shapes that guarantee comfort for the environment it will be used.

The Glove Chair offers both a polypropylene seat shell with perforated round holes or a wooden shell. The chairs can be supplied unupholstered, with upholstery on only the seat pad or a fully upholstered shell (in one or two-tone fabric). The Glove offers the option without arms or with arms. For the structure, the family offers a range of base options: steel or wooden fixed 4-legged, fixed steel sled-base, fixed 4-star base with the central piston, swivel and height adjustment and high chairs.