SetMe Bench Desks

SetMe Bench Desk is a desking system that gives power to the office worker, letting them choose how they want to work. Offering both pneumatic height adjustable or height settable desks with connectivity built in. The SetMe desking system leads the way to the wellbeing in the modern workplace of today and into the future. 

SetMe Office Bench Desk is a furnify portfolio favourite and ideal for businesses looking for that futuristic office furniture solution. Whether you have a personal desk or a nomadic way of working, SetMe system desks provide the modern worker with the freedom to decide how they want to work.

If the workplace is where you spend most of your day, there is a chance you have a personalised space, which is your little home away from home. The SetMe bench desk system was developed for this reason. Every worker will personalise their workstation to make it their own. This can be from the setting of your ergonomic task chair through to the position of your keyboard and mouse or the photograph of your family. With SetMe office desks, these are still all possible with the addition of being height adjustable or height settable.

The SetMe Office Bench Desk literally gives the office worker the decision of how they want to work. Manufactured and designed around the user, SetMe is height adjustable with connectivity built-in.

SetMe is both elegant, and the mechanism makes it a desking system that is easy to use. Comprised of over 200 moving parts hidden in the robust frame, this enables the user to glide the top smoothly to their desired position.

SetMe is complemented with a range of optional desk accessories, giving the user freedom to control their privacy, dependant on the task. Whether it be working in a seated position or standing, private or open; team or task focused; individual or in a cluster - the decision is up to the user.