Acoustic Cupboard Booths

Acoustic Cupboard provides the office with creative free spaces using the same footprint as a double door storage cupboard. Convert some redundant or old storage into something fresh and functional by turning it into a temporary work booth.  

Acoustic Cupboard Booth is an innovative office furniture solution that utilises redundant cupboard space to create a free space work booth or seat. It either replaces old cupboards with a functional new temporary workstation or have it added as part of some new free-standing personal storage lockers. Utilising the same footprint as a double door storage cupboard, it makes for excellent use of floor space with additional functionality.

I'm sitting in an Acoustic Cupboard Booth right now at byensemble interiors. A unit configured with a workstation with additional shelving. The day is a bit overcast here in Farringdon, London but seated comfortably I have an integrated task light to light up my temporary workspace.

Because having a work booth like this would be a bit overkill in my home office, I decided to situate myself in an environment where I would have employees around me who are busy and talkative.

In the modern workplace, we are easily distracted by the move to open office layouts. We have colleagues around us, talking to others across from us, as well as other ambient noises and distractions that the open office brings with it. This free-form and open nature of the agile workplace has raised the need for private free spaces like these.

Working in an Acoustic Cupboard Booth, your colleagues know you are in focus mode. I mean, what else is there to do in a single person temporary work booth? I punched out this office furniture description. I had a focussed burst of creativity because I was not distracted or bothered.

I love it. For me, it's a nice change of workspace (and position). There's ample enough room for your items. Supported by a desk, I also have two additional shelves for any extra files. The Acoustic Cupboard Booth has integrated LED lighting hidden in the ceiling, but the lamp is an optional extra. Backed by an integrated power source, there is no concern of running out of charge while in work mode as all mobile devices can be charged.