Axyl Table

100% of 100

Axyl Table is an exceptionally robust table solution for continued use in high impact dining areas. With a rectangular size of 2000mm x 900mm and the inverted Y-frame 6 people can comfortably use the table at once.

Axyl Table is a rectangular table for every occasion, whether it be used for meeting, dining or Friday afternoon beer pong its suitable for larger groups. Axyl Table follows the same design typology and constructional values, based around an inverted Y-frame – which gives the product both a high level of structural integrity and a unique design language. The triangular elements have been engineered to provide maximum strength with the most efficient use of materials. As a result, the collection has a distinctive, instantly recognisable silhouette that is made familiar through its reference to a traditional A-frame typology and subtle details inspired by Mid-Century design.

Axyl tables are exceptionally robust for continued use in high impact dining areas. The use of a solid steel stem in the café range greatly enhances the stability of the table while minimising the need for a large frame base.