Tauro Task Chair

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Tauro Task Chair is a mesh back office swivel chair designed to offer the user maximum ergonomic support and seating comfort. From concept, the Tauro task chair has been engineered and built for the office worker with intuitive easy to use adjustments, making it ideal for today’s flexible workplace. The Tauro can be tailored to meet your individual needs, offering two distinctive back options in either black or white. You can also choose to have a full mesh back or part mesh back. Tauro comes standard with an integrated height adjustable lumbar feature, providing that extra supp

If you are looking for that first great mesh back office chair that provides you a comfortable seat with the adjustments the Tauro swivel chair is ideal.

Tauro Task Chair is a mid-range office seating solution that will provide you with supportive seating comfort when at your desk. It's a competitive office chair to other popular mesh back chairs out on the market and looks really smart.

How the Tauro functions work

To get the adjustable lumbar support positioned just right you need to sit up straight on the chair so your head, spine, and buttocks are in alignment. Then sit all the way back against the seatback. Then located on the back of the backrest, with two hands you can move the lumbar support up or down to your lower back curvature. Find the comfort spot for you and try it out, if it's not exactly right reposition until right.

Tension adjustment can be easily tensioned by the easy to use handle. It will depend on your weight and strength when leaning back. Tension to make it stiffer.

With back height adjustment can be adjusted with its leaver located on the right just below the backrest. Depending on your upper torso size this might need to be lifted. Remember to reposition the lumbar support again is required.

To adjust the seat slide to give you a bit more seat depth the handle on the right side under of the seat can be pulled outwards then slide the seat in the desired direction.

To ensure your legs are at a 90-degree angle when sitting at your desk, find the lever on the righthand side of the chair to adjust the hight. You might need to lift yourself off the chair if you want to go up.