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On the QT Phone Booth


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On the QT Phone Booth is a free space acoustic phone booth solution available in two sizes. Choose between a short version with an integrated seat at desk height and a tall booth for quick calls. A soft intuitive space to make a to Skype.

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Coming Soon. Available March 2021.

QT Phone Booth

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On the QT Phone Booth

Fashionably late in an already saturated market. How does the Qt. Phone Booth bring new value to the office?

Through extensive research carried out by Orangebox, it showed that there were still unexploited opportunities to offer the modern office worker. On the Qt Phone booth not only provides a free space for phone calls but pushes the boundaries of how the users go beyond that and make use of the cabin.

The office phone booth has proven to be an incredibly popular space for quick private calls instead of using entire meeting rooms, corridors, stairwells or worse still pacing around the office and annoying their colleagues.

In fact the market has shown that staff love phone booths a little too much and have been abusing the ‘quick call’ function and are staying in them for long periods of time... an hour plus, even half a day.

This valuable market research has led Ornagebox to develop on the QT Phone Booths around not making them as small as possible and uncomfortable but rather stretching the cabin space out a little to create a perfect balance between quick calls and spending longer focus time inside.

Touchpoints - Attention to detail

Throughout the development process of QT, attention to detail was paid to the intuitive use, comfort, function and cleanliness. Referred to as Touchpoints within the phone booths, these elevate the user experience and create a comfortable space to take calls or work undisturbed. Things you wouldn't expect will make you smile when noticed.

Starting with the beautifully crafted wooden door handle, smooth to the touch invites you to open the door and step inside.

The 'Stand' Ón the QT Phone Booth with curved leaning pad, naturally invites the occupant to lean, while the 'Sit' versions comfortable soft work seating with soft arm pad lets the user rest their elbow when on calls or thinking. 

The work shelf offers enough space for note-taking, and room for your favourite devices such as your phone or tablet while on the move.

Hard, non-porous touch surfaces have been minimized for easy cleaning and disinfection. While plenty of porous fabrics and felt help reduce noise levels and frequency. Recent studies have shown ‘on surface’ virus viability and transferability from fabrics is much lower compared to nonporous surfaces such as plastic, laminate, glass and stainless steel.*  

*Studies available on request.

A Comfortable Enclosed Space

The QT Booths provide air circulation, lighting and power which have all been carefully thought about. Integrated and hidden from view, the lighting focuses on the work shelf, while the airflow is directed onto the user for a haptic sensation, enhancing cooling while at work.

Easy to assemble and move

On the QT acoustic office booths are quick to assemble, once delivered and unwrapped a booth takes an hour to install and can be used straight away. Once installed it's easy to relocate with a pallet truck should you want to move it to another area on the floor plate.

A spacious interior offering superb comfort. The inner baffles are cleverly designed and engineered to have multiple functions. They offer opportunities to have fun with spot colour (visible inside and out), enabling identification of individual booths. They also serve an ergonomic function, creating a soft corner it’s natural to hunker into, which improves call privacy by intuitively prompting you to talk towards the corner. The opposite side baffle creates a point of focus to chat into for added sound absorption.
The QT offers a Sit and Standing version phone booth. A short phone booth for when you want to sit down, connect or maybe just think for a while. The short sitting booth is for when you want to maximise the function and minimise the impact on the open landscape. Stepping inside is easy – just like getting into your car. The tall on the QT Phone Booth with optional lean pad creates a soft ergonomic corner to hunker into for comfort, privacy and acoustic absorption when on the phone. There is even enough space for a high stool.

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Dimensions & Details

Short On the QT Dimensions: H1920mm x W1200mm
Tall On the QT Dimensions: H2200mm x W1200mm
Product Details
Glass Panels Clear Glass as standard.
Main Structure Available in Black as standard.
Interior Panels Available in Charcoal Grey as standard.
Cover Caps Available in White, Grey or Black.
Occupancy Light Available as a standard.
Fans & Interior Lighting Top, Bottom Entry / Hard wired, IEC connectors available as standard.
Front Lean Pad Available as an upcharge.
Rear Privacy Screen Available as an upcharge.
Shelf Availble in either Plywood (Clear Matt Lacquer), Melamine - White, Laminate Fenix - 0720 Negro Ingo or 0725 and Grigio Efeso.
L-Shaped Shelf Same as shelf finishes.
Power Options Power and USB sockets available as an upcharge.
Seismic Kit Available as an upcharge.