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Treehouse Phone Booth

Privacy Phone Booth Solution


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Treehouse Phone Booth is a single user privacy call booth for an escape from ambient noise and speech privacy. The fun and innovative design provide a funky acoustic office booth solution for creative office environments. Inspired by a child's treehouse den it provides open-plan areas with acoustic free spaces in close proximity to work areas to help provides privacy with call answer delay.

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Treehouse Phone Booth

The Treehouse Phone Booth is a single user acoustic office booth inspired by the treehouses and forts we built as children. The design is aimed to create an atmosphere similar to that of a child's play area - warm, cosy, safe and functional. Its shape based on a treehouse, a place where the best ideas generally arise where people retreat to feel comfortable.

The Treehouse Phone Booths cater to the increasing demand for single user private free spaces in the modern office. With open-plan spaces full of ambient noise, staff need a quick local retreat to focus be it a personal call, Zoom conference call or undisturbed work. It's suitable for use in offices, atriums, receptions and airports.

Similar to a fort, sofa den or Treehouse, your imagination is your limit. With the Treehouse Phone Booth, you have the option of an upholstered or wood cladding exterior. The interior sides and ceiling are always upholstered to help with sound management and speech privacy. The sandwich-like composition of the inner core uses a high-quality acoustic lining and foam to help with acoustics which can then be upholstered in a fabric of your choice. The rear panel of the cabin offers a choice of either upholstered panel or clear glass. Choosing to go with a clear glass panel helps users see when the booth is occupied and also prevent shadows been cast should they be positioned close to a window. A hinged glass door comes fitted as standard with a steel handle.

In the modern office, there's a growing need for single user zones that bring both the physical world and the digital world together. The Treehouse standing phone booth offers everything a user needs for the task at hand. It features ventilation and LED lighting activated by PIR sensor on entry, creating a comfortable experience for the user. An integrated shelf at standing height offers space for notes, a laptop and built-in tablet stand if required. The shelf front side features dual USB charging ports for any other device needs.

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Dimensions & Details

Height (mm) 2420
Width (mm) 1000
Depth (mm) 950
Product Details
Interior Upholstered interior
Exterior Choose between an upholstered or wood cladding.
Air Circulation Integrated ventilation activated by motion sensor.
Sensor PIR motion sensor activated lighting and ventilation on entry.
Floor Wooden floor left clear or stained black.
Door Hinged door with pull handle.
Fabric Panels Choice between two or three upholstered panels.
Glass Panels Optional rear toughened, transparent glass, combined with acoustic foil.
Lighting Lamp (powered by 12V). Luminescence intended for reading activated by the motion sensor on entry.
Integrated Power Round PIX mediaport (white-W or black-B) - 2 x USB charging ports.
Shelf Integrated shelf to help take notes or work with a laptop. Black tablet / phone stand (an integral part of the tabletop)
Tabletop Laminated finish tabletop as standard.
Levelling Feet Adjustable feet for uneven floors. Optional finger joint solid pine or oak wood.
Relocatable Can be easily relocated if required.
Weight un-packed 295Kg