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Office Meeting Pods

Office Meeting Pods

Office Meeting Pods

Office Meeting Pods are freestanding room-in-room solutions, providing modern businesses with either their only or additional private meeting space. Acoustic meeting pods are bigger than office booths, offering the perfect soundproofed space that can be used as meeting room pods, for work and collaboration. They come either unfurnished or furnished with the option of adding magnetic whiteboards, monitor brackets, tailored power and data connections and more.

Office pods are a welcome addition to any contemporary office environment and its users. Proven studies have shown that nine out of ten of the highest performing workplaces are either wholly, or extensively open plan, but many fail to provide the office workers with a confidential space for meetings, work or team collaboration.

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  1. HideAway Meeting Pod HideAway Meeting Pod
    HideAway Office Pods
    The HideAway Office Pod is a complete range of next-gen free-standing indooor office pods.
  2. Cell Pod V2 Meeting Pods
    Cell Pod V2 Meeting Pod is an architectural room-in-room system for creating unfixed private spaces
  3. Hush Lounge Pod
    Hush Lounge Pod is an acoustically insulated meeting pod for up to four people.
  4. Kolo Duo Meeting Pod
    Kolo Duo Meeting Pod is a unfixed two to four person meeting space available from stock.
  5. Cell Pod Meeting Pods
    CellPod Meeting Pods offer a range of bespoke acoustic pods for private meetings with special width and height dimensions.
  6. Pod Safe Isolation Pod
    Pod Safe Isolation Pod for safe meetings in 'the new normal' with healthy air space.
  7. Air3 Meeting Pods
    Air3 Meeting Pods offer both small and large acoustic meeting and collaboration spaces for the modern office.
  8. Connect Duo Meeting Pod
    Connect Duo Meeting Pod is a two person office pod for private conversations.
  9. Hush Meet L Meeting Pod
    Hush Meet L Meeting Pod is a modular acoustic office pod that can be extended if required with modules.
  10. Lohko Box 2 Meeting Pod
    Lohko Box 2 Meeting Pod is a glass and wood one to two-person meeting pod.
  11. Residence Meet Pod
    Residence Meet Pod is a range of plywood two-person acoustic meeting pods.
  12. BuzziNest Meeting Pod
    BuzziNest Metting Pod is a compact four-person soundproofed meeting solution that also movable.
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Acoustic soundproof pods provide a cost-effective room solution to traditional construction options that don't require planning permission as they are floor standing. They provide businesses who are in lease agreements in listed buildings or new builds with either a freestanding meeting room solution or glass offices. Acoustic pods provide additional informal and formal third spaces which help stop individuals or small teams from wasting larger meeting rooms. They also help staff escape distracting ambient noise in the office without leaving the office. Acoustic office meeting pods are comfortable, quiet third spaces that adequately support their working needs, giving them that free space for any required task.

Available in numerous sizes, configurations and finishes finding the right office pod solution couldn't be easier. We offer a comprehensive selection of standard private meeting room pods and modular screen partitioning units, allowing you to create that ideal space that can adapt to modern workplace needs. Office pods are suitable for both focused work, brainstorming for small groups or that freestanding extra meeting room or acoustic executive office that's long overdue.

All our internal office pods offer quiet spaces that are customisable, allowing you to specify the finishes and trim to work with your interior. You can decide on glass office pods or fabric meeting pods. Choose to have them unfurnished, or furnify can provide the meeting room pod furniture you need for the ideal room within a room.

Modular Meeting Pods vs. Pre-set Meeting Pods

There are two types of acoustic office pods - modular acoustic pods and standard off the shelf freestanding units. Modular office pods generally refer to a solution comprised of aluminium frames, glass and fabric panels that piece together to form an enclosed meeting space. Meeting room pods consist of screen partitioning made of aluminium frames, glazed panels and upholstered panels like the Cell Pod which offers greater flexibility for office spaces. Systems like Cell Pod are designed as freestanding units, and their structural framework and demountable panel system are simple to install and reconfigure as needs change within an organisation. There are no pre-set modules or sizes in the Cell Pod range, and their selling feature is that they can design the perfect enclosed private meeting space, fully compliant with all workplace and building regulations tailored to your business needs.

Movable Office Pods

Firstly, all office pods are movable. Supplied as unfixed room-in-room solutions they require no planning permission and there are no dilapidation costs when using office pods in the workplace. Instead of asking for movable office pods, don't you mean mobile office pods? There are a few office pods that are mobile, meaning they can be moved around the office without being dismantled. Depending on their size and design they can be moved by Pallet trucks or they feature integrated castors or so-called "rolling technology". Movable office pods or mobile office pods do have a size limit with the smallest being a phone booth and the largest a four-person office pod.