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Bench Tables

Bench Tables

Team collaboration open bench tables or work table solutions are recognised as the key element of collaborative open plan worksapces. Create that perfect new modern office to addess the challenges and meet the workplace needs of 2020 and beyond with bench tables. The culture change embodied in the move away from hierarchical structures to more fluid, connected and nuanced organisations is reflected in the communal shared worktable being positioned centre stage.

The improtance of this change is reflected in the range of furnify's bench tables, from the established architectural Bae worktable, Centro, Mastermind Flow and the flexibility of Cubb.

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  1. FourReal A Table

    FourReal A Table is an inspirational worktable solution ideal for collaborating, socialising and focussing activities.
  2. Mastermind Flow Table

    Mastermind Flow Table is a family of informal worktables for working, discussing or presenting together.
  3. Cubb Worktables

    Cubb Worktable solutions for a more agile working way of style in the modern office.
  4. Bae Worktables

    Bae Worktables are ideal in workspaces where the collaborative is as important as the personal.
  5. Centro Lite

    Centro Lite Table is a 'light touch' communal worktable for collaborating, meeting or socialising.
  6. Centro Table

    Promote collaboration with Centro Table or throw it into the breakout area for a fun social area.
  7. VX Project Table

    VX Project Table is an open worktable solution for team collaboration and focused work.