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StudioBricks Meeting Pods NOT “just another brick in the wall”

StudioBricks Meeting Pods NOT “just another brick in the wall”

StudioBricks Meeting Pods NOT “just another brick in the wall”

You’re old-school cool! You love pumping the volume on that Pink Floyd album. Unfortunately, the rest of the office doesn’t feel the same, do they? Well, screw ‘em. With the superior sound isolation of StudioBricks Meeting Pods, you can rock out. You can even have private meetings, undisturbed video calls, or a moment of silence to get actual work done. You know… all those things “the man” makes you do during your “day job” in the office.

At furnify, we are always on the hunt for a better office pod. Make no mistake, we have a proud selection of the best pods on the planet. None of them beat StudioBricks on two important features: Sound isolation and (dis)assembly.

The Best Sound Insulation

Rock ‘n’ Roll stands back for no-one. And neither does the StudioBricks Office Pods. While most modular office meeting pods, focus spaces, and phone booths offer decent sound insulation, StudioBricks really delivers. These pods were designed as portable sound studios. With two-way sound absorption, the inside decibels stay inside, and the outside decibels … Sorry? What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the Sounds of Silence.

Why is this so important? Well, every business understands the value of privacy for certain conversations. You know the ones – those sensitive, proprietary, and confidential discussions that need a safe space for every legal reason. There is also the obvious value of giving your people a quiet spot to focus on their work. StudioBricks isn’t just an ordinary quiet spot, though. It’s the most quietest-est spot ever! And that is where your content creators will love you.

If your business has an online presence, both your marketing team and your sister’s 10-year-old have told you that you need to do a webinar, a podcast, and a thought-leadership vlog every other day. It’s the era of online content creation. Crisp, clear sound separates the novices in their bedroom from the pros. This is where your StudioBricks meeting pod proves its worth. Now, you can have a purpose-built sound studio in your office.

Modular Design that’s Easy to Assemble AND Take Apart

StudioBricks Meeting Pods are truly easy and convenient to install. You can assemble an entire Focus Plus Work Pod in under 8 minutes. No screws, no glue, no drills – it’s basically acoustic Lego, but easier. We have a video to prove it.

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StudioBricks Office Pods are built using modular, interlocking bricks. You can assemble an entire meeting room where and when you need it. And because the precision design is unfixed, you can take it apart fast.

Just imagine the possibilities. You can disassemble your office meeting pod and take it to those noisy trade shows. Or Sally from HR can pop it up on the factory floor for the yearly performance reviews.

It is a truly multi-purpose office pod solution.

Bells, Whistles and LED Lighting

The key here is flexibility. These office pods are built to meet each individual client’s needs. Flexible uses, flexible colours, flexible sizes, flexible accessories – whatever you need.

Sure, you can go for the sexy, out-of-the-box white. It’s classic and classy. But your brand has a bit more life to it, right? You can customise your pod in any RAL colour and add custom branding with vinyl adhesives.

The StudioBricks modular building system means the ultimate choice in size. Do you feel that standard 1200 x 1200mm single user phone booth is too small? Well, expand it by a brick. And keep expanding it until you have a 6 x 9m boardroom. Would you like a bit more height? No problem. Take the interior height of the standard 2100mm ceiling all the way to 2700mm.

The StudioBricks sound-insulating booths come with ultra-quiet ventilators, but you can switch to an air-conditioning solution. While you’re at it, add a second sound-control door, a wheelchair ramp, and an integrated desk with hinges. With StudioBrick, the choice is yours!

Oh, and there is also LED lighting and an external occupancy light connected to an infra-red motion sensor. But that’s standard, and who does “standard” anymore, right?

The Conclusion

These are rock star office pods. Flexible uses., flexible colours, flexible sizes, flexible accessories – whatever you need. Whether they are recording a podcast or talking to a client at a tradeshow, your people will love StudioBricks.

When you need to move your office pod to a different location, you don’t need to call DIY David Bowie to handle the deconstructionism. You can do it yourself.

And, lastly, they’re so good at absorbing sound, no-one will find out you’re secretly jamming to 2010 Miley Cyrus when the door closes. We promise.