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Seven reasons why Cell Pod meeting pods are a valuable addition to your workplace

Seven reasons why Cell Pod meeting pods are a valuable addition to your workplace

The call is loud. Almost as loud as Judy from accounting when her bestie phones her every day at 10:30am, and everyone in the office gets to listen to just how messed up they got last night. Honestly, how can she still count? Anyway. The call is loud, and that call says, “Out with the open-plan and in with flexible workspaces!” 

Data analytics and research have spoken! According to The Royal Society, open office space has had actually decreased face-to-face interaction and collaboration. That is a fair bit of irony considering the office designer called it a “collaborative work area” when we signed the lease. But luckily there is an easy office furniture solution to make the office less “open-plan” and more “flexible” to calls and video conference sessions. The answer is office pods.

I am a pod person. I go to HotPod yoga, pop coffee pods into my Nespresso machine, and pump Joe Rogan podcasts on the way to work. Office pods just make life better. And at the very top of the list of my favourite pod, are Cell Pod Meeting Pods.

Cell Pods are the solution you have been searching for creating privacy and collaboration spaces within work environments. Designed as freestanding units they are fully customizable, noise-insulating havens with superior atmospheric control systems and dimmable LED lighting that puts you in complete control of your environment.

Need to take a call? Cell Pod Phone Booth. Need a quiet space on the sales-floor to sign the contracts on that car you just sold? Cell Pod. Are you presenting a progress report to a client and you need privacy, a whiteboard, and a multimedia interface? There’s a Cell Pod acoustic office pods for that, too. 

Here are the seven reasons I love Cell Pods:

1. Cell Pods are easy to install and relocate

It’s an excellent alternative to circumvent traditional construction solutions. The traditional dry-wall installation makes a mess, disrupts your productivity, and most likely starts with scraped knees as you beg your landlord for their begrudging permission to make alterations to the office. That is if it is even allowed by the building regulations. Then comes the stress of having to “return the office environment to its original condition upon the termination of the lease.” Ah, dilapidation costs… that bit where you pay double for something you are never going to use again.

Cell Pods solve all of that. These freestanding units are designed to be completely self-contained and exceed every building standard and fire-regulation on the planet. You don’t need any architectural plans or permissions to install one in your office. And when you pack up to go to that sexy new address that your successful business deserves, your CellPod can be taken apart and reassembled in your new building, leaving your old office 100% untouched. 

2. Sustainable Cell Pods can be reconfigured to adapt to your changing needs

These expertly engineered acoustic pods are entirely modular. Is your company growing? Did your team recently add a few new members? You can extend yesterday’s two-person focus pod into tomorrow’s boardroom in hours. CellPods are like office Lego. Both simple to install and take apart, add the required pieces, and make something new to suit your evolving business.

CellPods are fully customisable with no pre-set modules or sizes. CellPods feature a structural framework with a demountable panel system. It can be reconfigured, extended, and repurposed to meet your changing requirements. It’s the perfect sustainable solution. CellPods are also entirely recyclable and are manufactured using a very high percentage of recycled material.

Ways in which clients have used Cell Pods are:

  • Freestanding Meeting Pods as their meeting room in listed buildings
  • Acoustic freestanding cellular offices
  • Acoustic Consultation Pods
  • Client facing isolation pods with division partition between both parties
  • Relaxation pods
  • Used as a Prayer space
  • Team collaboration pods  

CellPod Environmental Data

3. These meeting pods can be personalised for your company

The CellPod system is fully customisable with your corporate colours and custom branding. You can choose to upholster the modular sound absorbing wall panels in any combination of coloured fabric to match or complement your brand CI. The aluminium alloy frame comes in three standard epoxy powder coated options – white, silver, and black – and this too can be custom painted to suit your individual needs. You can even add branding to the toughened safety glass used for the doors and windows. 

4. Superior noise-cancellation and privacy options make Cell Pods great for any workplace

Open-plan offices are loud. Printers, phones and people beep, vibrate and chatter ceaselessly. And there’s that new guy who continually wanders past your desk on yet another video call to show his mom, brother, three aunts and Chris from the pub what the office looks like.

CellPods have superior acoustic absorption, creating privacy and disruption-free collaboration spaces within work environments. With a noise-reduction value of 35Rw(dB) on their wall panels and 32 – 36Rw(dB) on the toughened glass windows and “soft-close” sliding doors you are guaranteed a calm space for calls and meetings. CellPods have Acoustic Innertherm Insulation options for both the ceiling and the wall panels to boost noise-reduction to 40Rw(dB).

If you need even more privacy, adding integral blinds between the double-glazed glass panels will protect your confidential exco presentation from curious onlookers.

Cell Pod Office Pods

5. CellPods have options for integrated multimedia and collaboration tools to match any task

What do you need most from your meeting room? Does your engineering team like writing brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard? Is the marketing team presenting PowerPoints on the analytics from the last PPC campaign? Are you dialling in board members from across the planet for the monthly video conference?

Your CellPod meeting pods come with custom wall panel options to match your exact work-preferences. With writable, magnetic glass wall panels or traditional whiteboards, your team will never miss an idea. Integrated multimedia options like mounted screens and built-in data connectivity, like USB and HDMI, can be positioned wherever you need it and will keep your company rooted in the 4th industrial revolution.

6. Built-in air-conditioning mean Cell Pods are a breath of fresh air

Cell Pods meeting pods puts you in complete control with superior atmospheric control systems. We have all been there… in a tiny room, with a bunch of co-workers, getting sweaty for all the wrong reasons, breathing in everyone else’s out-breath, like some uncomfortably intimate yoga-class where everyone gets a little hot under the collar. The only reason you should get hot under the collar in a collaboration room is that you are passionate about the ideas being discussed. 

CellPods have a simple, self-contained air-conditioning system that ensures there are no draughts, hot spots or uneven temperatures. The quiet air-movement fans keep the temperature stable and CO2 levels low through constant cooling and recycling of the air inside and by adding fresh air from outside. Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensors activate both the airflow system and the lighting. Which brings me to the last point on my list of reasons I love CellPod meeting pods.

7. You control the adaptable lighting design suit your purpose

What is mood, if not lighting? A super-bright cool white light in the conference room can make clients feel like they are sitting in a hospital. And dim, warm light will lull your employees to nap-time during an important presentation. CellPods let you take control of your lighting with a choice of LED spotlights, LED ceiling panels, wall lights, and softboxes.

The efficient energy lights are dimmable and controlled using a touch dimmer. Boasting 75,000 hours on the spotlights and a lamp-life of 50,000 hours on the Deluce dimmable LED flat panels, you can leave the lights on for 12 hours a day for the next 11 years before you’ll have to replace the lamps. With PIR sensors, you don’t even have to worry about switching off the lights, either. Your Cell Pod does that for you.

To Recap

Think about it. In today’s world of constant distraction, noise-pollution, and interruption, Cell Pods are the most versatile and valuable piece of furniture you can add to your business. These meeting pods are reusable, removable, re-configurable and recyclable, making it ridiculously sustainable. And it is entirely customizable with your brand colours and designs and gives you complete control over your environment. 

So, I guess there isn’t much more to say but, welcome to your new life as a pod person!