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SetMe Bench Desks

SetMe Bench Desks

SetMe Bench Desks

Yes, sitting on your arse all day can kill you. Sit down and think about that for a moment. Then press a button on your SetMe Bench Desk, stand up, forget about that paranoid whiff of death, and continue working the healthy way. Some call them sit-stand desks. Others call them height-adjustable desks. And there is that one guy who calls it an ergonomic, electric, motorised table lift.

Whatever your preference, the bottom line is that sitting on your bottom all day is pretty bad for your health and changing the way we work with an electric sit-stand desk is the best way to fix it.

The Sedentary Problem

We sit a lot. You sit in the car, on the bus, on the train, or in the uber on the way to the office. After greeting Felix at reception, you sit at your desk, at the conference table, and in the restaurant at that lunch meeting. Then you do everything in reverse until you get to the couch at home where you are so tired, all you want to do is sit down and relax until you lie down and go to sleep.

Why are Sit-Stand Desks Good for You

According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting leads to a host of lifestyle diseases: “They include obesity and a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels — that make up metabolic syndrome. Too much sitting overall and prolonged periods of sitting also seem to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.”

That cancer link is scary. My ultra-fit, gym-obsessed father died of colon-cancer likely due to long hours of sitting at his desk every day and every night. Exercising six days a week for 42 years didn’t help. That is why the NHS recommends that adults in the UK get up every 30 minutes, work standing, and stand or walk around while on the phone.

A Problem with the Walking Cure

Hang on. It’s time for a short walk. I’ll be right back. Okay. Where were we? Oh, yes. Sit, die. Stand, live.

Like the NHS recommends, strolling around the office every 30 minutes is always a good idea when you are a desk-bound knowledge worker. Unfortunately, getting up from your desk has much the same effect as a colleague leaning over curiously with the phrase, “You look busy, but can I ask you a question?” Flow-state… interrupted. Reset time required: 15 to 30 minutes.

Creatives and programmers will know all too well that your best work happens when you can string together two or three hours of uninterrupted peak-productivity. This state of being in the zone is called flow. Alice Robb from the BBC reports that “Flow is associated with subjective well-being, satisfaction with life and general happiness. At work, it’s linked to productivity, motivation and company loyalty.” Productive, motivated, loyal employees are one helluva great reason to help your people maintain flow.

Unfortunately, brisk mountain-climbing lunges and a fart every 30 minutes doesn’t fit too well in the average corporate office and takes everyone out of that happy, productive zone. We hear you shouting to the heavens: “What could I possibly do to keep the workforce healthy without disrupting their productive flow? Is there a solution that will inspire even more loyalty in my office workers?”

The Sit-Stand Office Bench Desk Solution

European laws have made it mandatory in many countries to provide employees with sit-stand desks. It does cost a bit, but the money saved on public health-costs and lost productivity makes up for it. British law hasn’t yet caught up with the trend. As such, employers aren’t legally required to give every employee a height-adjustable sit-stand desk. That doesn’t mean we can turn a blind eye and pretend Sally in HR doesn’t have back issues. {Heavens knows, she talks about it enough.}
Unfortunately, sit-stand desks are very expensive. But we have the perfect solution.

SetMe Bench Desks Lets You Gradually Adjust Your Office Culture

At the outset, I must set the scene because SetMe isn’t just a subset of bench desks. It’s an asset in the set and setting of your office. It’s a workplace set piece that you can pre-set, reset and set up with ease. It’s a desk that adjusts to your mindset to offset the unhealthy setback of hours in a chair as you become increasingly heavyset.
If you thought the benchmark in office bench desks has already been reached, we could raise that benchmark with the simple push of a button, or you can choose a set height at setup. The SetMe height-adjustable bench desk is a trendsetter in the office furniture market.
It’s time to upset the status quo. Ready, SET, go! Drop da mic. Okay, enough of that.

SetMe Sit-Stand Bench Desk

The point is that you can choose a desking solution that can easily upgrade over time. With SetMe sit-stand bench desks you have the choice to add pneumatic tops as you need them gradually. Instead of crushing the piggybank to dust, you can start with a mix-and-match selection of static, fixed-height desks and motorised, pneumatic desks. Every SetMe workstation has the gliding mechanism built into the robust frame. When you are ready to take your fixed-height desk up a notch, you need only add the control panel and motor to convert it to a height-adjustable office desk.

How to Integrate SetMe Sit Stand Desk into Your Office

Here’s what that would look like in a modern office: Say you need a dozen sets of six-person bench desks (72 workstations). You can specify that each six-desk island has three static fixed-height office desks and three pneumatic sit-stand desks. One of your fixed-height desks can be at standing height while the other two can be regular seated desks. With hot-desking a hot topic in modern offices, your employees can swap and take turns to stretch their legs and still keep the productivity going. When you see the benefits of a healthier workforce, next quarter, you can quickly raise one fixed-height seated desk on each island to standing height with the SetMe drill-operated desk jack. Did that productive, loyal workforce turn a more significant profit by the time your half-year earnings report came out? Well, we recommend you reward them with another dozen electric upgrades to show you care.

Let’s Accessorise Your Bench Desk

What would the most versatile bench desk solution be without accessories? Obviously, the answer is that it won’t be the most versatile bench desk solution. Since we are talking about SetMe Bench Desks, you have your pick of EVERYTHING!

Choose fabric divider screens in esoteric blazer materials like Happy, Buddha and Angel. Or make a COVID19 point and go for Retreat, Solace, and Shelter. Hook paper trays, bookshelves, whiteboards and pen pots onto the top accessory rail. 

SetMe Bench Desk Accessories

Add monitor arms, electrical accessories and CPU holders. Get a set of mobile under-desk drawers and a tall cubby to store the 71 whiteboard markers you borrowed from Sally over the last year.

You don’t even have to stick with a rectangular bench. Get 120-degree desks with a beechwood MFC finish, a ply effect edge, and smoked glass dividers. Whatever your company’s flavour, SetMe Bench Desks will fit right in.

You have a choice, here. And that choice isn’t just which of the 31 fabrics you want for your divider screens. The choice is between a productive, healthy workforce who feels that you care by giving them versatile working options, and the traditional, sedentary office that has been killing people since the dawn of sitting. Tough choice, right? 

Get in touch with the Furnify team. We will SetYou up for greatness with SetMe Bench Desks.