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Office Pods as a Client Facing Solution

Office Pods as a Client Facing Solution

Office Pods as a Client Facing Solution

We’re proud of how Office Pods have helped to transform the workplace, providing small enclosed places for meeting, conversation and collaboration, wherever businesses need them. But at a time where COVID-19 has changed the way how all of us do business, Office Pods have really come into their own. Many of our customers have found office pods an invaluable client-facing solution that benefits them greatly in these uncertain and unprecedented times.

The nature of Office Pods lends them very well in maintaining successful business operations while also managing the logistics of keeping clients safe from the risk of infection. Let’s take a look at how Office Pods can benefit your business in the eyes of your clients as well as your employees...

Office Pods can help businesses maintain social distancing

We all know how important social distancing is in the face of the current pandemic. Especially when indoors. We know that physical contact from person to person is key to the spread of the disease, and we all need to do our part to maintain social distancing. The good news is that Office Pods are great for helping workforces to distance themselves socially. They can be used by one or a few employees to avoid contact with the broader workforce. They can be used by employees who feel unwell but are unsure whether or not they should go home. They can be booked out and managed in a way that’s conducive to maintaining a healthy workforce. And because they’re so compact, they can be cleaned and sanitised in minutes between uses.

They can allow employees to work comfortably and safely without the need to wear face coverings. Allowing them to maintain a better standard of service that your clients expect when they think of your brand. The presence of Office Pods in your business as an isolation pod demonstrates your commitment to social distancing and maintaining a safe space. Which brings us to...

Office Pods can make clients feel safe

In a time when the world so often feels like it’s falling apart all around us, your clients are in desperate need of stability. They need to know that the businesses they deal with are going above and beyond to take this unprecedented situation in hand. If you can demonstrate that you are ready to go above and beyond to keep your clientele safe, this can only ever be a good look for your brand.

Placing an Office Pod in a prominent place demonstrates to your clients that you’re prepared to invest in their safety and wellbeing. Plus, their sleek and unobtrusive design makes them an aesthetically appealing addition to all kinds of workspaces, whatever your premises’ chosen design aesthetic. They can be positioned close to the reception area or in large receptions with a separation wall/partition wall. They can be made into a safe, socially distanced waiting area where clients can relax safe in the knowledge that you’re doing all that you can to keep them safe.

And because they’re fully equipped with plug sockets, USB charging ports and even data sockets (if required), your clients can charge their devices while they wait.

Pod Safe Client Facing Pod Solution

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Office Pods can be used virtually anywhere

Because they’re made to order and designed with your specific size requirements in mind, there’s no such thing as a poorly-fitting Office Pod. While they are stable and secure when set up, they are completely unfixed, so no permission is required before using them. Many of our clients operate within listed buildings where refurbishments are problematic.

One thing’s for sure; your clients will appreciate how seamlessly Office Pods like Cell Pod Meeting Pods integrate with the flow and aesthetic of your premises. We have a diverse range of Office Pods in terms of size, style and function. So you can ensure complete synergy with both your branding and the demands of your space. Some of our Office Pods come on wheels so that you can move them around as and when you see fit.

Office Pods can be tailored to your client’s and business’ needs

We understand that there are many reasons why your clients might appreciate a confined, safe space. They may want a space that affords them privacy and solitude. They may want a space that gives them connectivity and convenience. Or perhaps they might wish to have somewhere they can voice their complaint about a member of your team without being overheard.

Our broad range of Office Pods ensures that your client’s needs are met while also meeting your business’ operational needs. Restore peak productivity to your workforce while generating extra value-added for the client!

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Office Pods can keep conversations confidential

There are many reasons why clients might not want information they disclose to members of your team to be heard by other clients or even employees. They may need to discuss confidential matters with you or exchange sensitive data. They may have a complaint or concern that they don’t want to be overheard. Or perhaps they simply value their privacy.

Whatever your clients’ needs and expectations with regards to confidentiality, Office Pods can help you to make good on your commitment to them. All of our office pods feature acoustic ratings so you can be sure that no sound will escape when your clients would prefer not to be overheard.

Office Pods can build trust in your brand

These are uncertain times for all of us. We all need to know that we can trust those in our personal and professional networks to keep us safe and looked after while we negotiate the rocky road to recovery as a nation.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, Office pods are a great way to build and consolidate trust in your brand. Their presence in your business environment shows that you value their safety, privacy, comfort, convenience and confidentiality.

And whatever your business, that’s a good look for you!