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Five Furniture Ideas to Promote Effective Brainstorming

Five Furniture Ideas to Promote Effective Brainstorming

Five Furniture Ideas to Promote Effective Brainstorming

When deciding to redesign your office, it’s important to take into consideration the competitive marketplace and emerging trends that support efficient working styles. A redesign is a perfect opportunity to embed a fresh culture in the workplace that invites, inspires and drives your workforce to be innovative.

We all know the importance of continuous innovation in the ever-changing corporate landscape of the modern world. But let’s face it, it can be a struggle to think of ways to incorporate spaces for brainstorming and idea-sharing into the office-planning phase.

Some of the most successful businesses create informal spaces to encourage their staff to share their knowledge and ideas quickly and effectively. The creation of these spaces has an invaluable trickle-down effect on the way your entire office environment is used. This can mean freeing up valuable boardrooms and formal meeting spaces for more important business strategy and decision-making meetings. These brainstorming spaces also drive teams to do some of their best work and gives managers informal spaces for regular one-on-ones.  

Don’t underestimate the immense power of expertly furnished collaboration areas.  It allows for creative group discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. These natural, home-style settings act as a halfway house for co-workers to meet and share ideas and becomes places where they can achieve flow, without the formal pressures of a time-limited boardroom

Planning for, and implementing these informal brainstorming and sharing spaces can be as simple as introducing a comfortable soft seating zone in your open plan, or as formal as introducing a modular enclosed room for more privacy. Whichever path you take, it’s essential that your spaces are fitted with the required tools and flexibility your team needs to perform at peak efficiency.  

Check out these five ideas for amazing creative brainstorming spaces in the office:

We often come up with the best ideas when we step away from the confines of our desk, outside of the corporate meeting room and into more informal collaboration settings. These relaxed spaces can encourage teams to have more creative group discussions.

Our first furniture item is the Mote Modular Seating range comprised of some core soft seating elements combined with accessories they allow for the creation of an endless amount of seating arrangements ideal for the open office.

Mote Modular Seating

The right mixture of furniture pieces can create a great communal space ideal for brainstorming or quick fire sharing thoughts.

In the picture below it shows the Haven Modular Bench systems flexibility to create various seating solutions for both informal meetings, collaborating or waiting. Informal meeting spaces for large or small groups where ideas can be exchanged and developed. 'Share' areas are less formal than traditional meeting rooms, and ideal for a quick brainstorm or one to one.

Haven Bench

When working in collaboration, it is often necessary for conversations to take place away from the desk. Share spaces can be flexible to suit a variety of styles and uses. An L-shaped configuration, with the addition of mobile soft seating, suits both small and larger groups. The below Arcipelago Modular Seating system offers a wide range of seating elements to create various soft seating configurations suitable for the open office and reception area.

Arcipelago Modular Seating