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Campers&Dens Five 'Layers of Privacy' through Pods

Campers&Dens Five 'Layers of Privacy' through Pods

Campers&Dens Five 'Layers of Privacy' through Pods

Albert Einstein suggested that the intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind a faithful servant. He argued that we had created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. Allowing intuition to take the front stage in the workspace enhances what has been brought to professions by reason. The inspired modular design of the versatile Campers&Dens office pod showcases the power of intuition brilliantly!

There's nothing quite like hiding out in the comforting anonymity of a busy coffee house. Since Ralph Ellison's 'Invisible man', we've dreamed of the power that comes with being concealed in plain sight! While a beautiful reprieve from a high-pressure lifestyle, this feeling of anonymity does not encourage great collaboration and passionate engagement. As we look forward to returning to office spaces, talent wants to be seen as more than just a number and yearn to connect with colleagues in a meaningful way!

Leaders understand the importance of creating a culture that breeds big creativity and autonomy. Great leaders understand that there are several enablers of great culture, the office environment being one of them. Why anyone thought that a strictly monoculture-open-plan office would encourage anything other than herd-mentality remains a mystery! Breaking up space in a way that drives meaningful interaction is a trend that is here to stay! Thank goodness.

How the Campers&Dens office pod has harnessed the intuition of caravan holidaymaking

The intuitive layers of privacy that the Campers&Dens pods provide bring to mind summer holidays and the freedom and peace that breeds creativity!

Firstly, the fully enclosed module gives total privacy, a space for confidential topics and for those times, you need to be alone with your thoughts. The closed cube says, 'do not disturb....genius at work.'

Secondly, semi-open designed spaces focus on collaboration. If the doors are open, you're welcome by invitation. Bring your brain for a storm, get comfy; we're knuckling down with a coffee until we have a solution!

Lastly, fully open spaces connected to the office pod are reminiscent of those sunny days when you can get the fold-out furniture perched for a conversation with fellow and neighbouring travellers. These exposed areas provide a free for all and a chance to start a spontaneous discussion that may take you, who knows where.

Campers&Dens offers spaces that you can use according to the needs and feel of the moment. This intuitive design means there's no need for signage. It grants individuals and teams a way to set the scene, find a space and get into the right frame of mind for the task at hand.

Why Campers&Dens will stand the test of time

The brilliant 80/20 engineering offers a solution to change and change again according to need or whimsy. 

80% of the structure is its technical core solution with lighting, acoustics and ventilation that give you a functioning and comfortable office pod. The remaining 20% is an adaptable exterior that can change from a design perspective every week or few months. The bespoke frame structure lets you play with a wooden slat system or stretch fabric - skeleton or skin. It offers add-ons such as an awning where you can set up an informal seating area, coffee and a work booth area with an open side. we all know, you have an idea until you have a new idea!

Campers&Dens Five 'Layers of Privacy' through Pods

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