No office phone booth or meeting pod is soundproof. They are acoustically rated and offer a level of speech privacy.

The sum of the background noise determines the level of speech privacy in any situation. To illustrate the privacy rating its shown as a percentage where 0 is no privacy and 100 is a high level of confidentiality.

To obtain the privacy rating, one needs to take into account the voice level of the person speaking, sound attenuation between the talker and the listener, and their local environment and the interference of other surrounding noise at the listener.

In the image above, it shows that the users of an office meeting pod, if placed in a busy office will have a high level of privacy compared to those outside in the office.
Ambient noises cause a sensory disturbance between people and result in reduced speech privacy. It's very similar to when the sound of a pub's music is so loud that it makes you raise your voice to be heard by others.

09 Jan - By Brendon Coxell